Post 0003 : New Rule – No Touchy


So I had a hard time falling asleep yesterday. I got home pretty early, around 5pm. I didn’t stick around school because I didn’t want to be around people. So home I went to my empty room.

It was nice, but I didn’t have motivation to do much of anything. It was a really low energy day yesterday. So instead of doing my homework, I did nothing for a good like… 3 hours.

Eventually I got tired of doing nothing and I went running and shaved another 1:30 off my time. I’m down to 15:30 miles. My legs hated me afterwards, but it was a really good run.

I came back home and made dinner and suffered in silence for a while. My shines were really not happy. Anyway, I really didn’t do a whole lot last night. I had wanted to go get bug spray and all sorts of productive stuff. But nope, unproductive Jen.

I woke up around 8 and started moving around 9ish. I rearranged my computer a bit so I could do grading, which started my day off bad.

Maya is misbehaving and the computer in general is running slow. I think it has to do with the malware still being on the machine even though I have removed the profiles for Sir and Mechanic from the computer. Which led me to having a new rule.

No one touches my computer. It’s not a toy. I need it for work, and now it doesn’t work properly, which isn’t fair to me. I spent $2000 on my machine. Everyone else can get their own. This was an investment for me, not for other people to download viruses.


I ended up grading all of the assignments on my two laptops, which was frustrating but do able, unlike my desktop currently. More rage. I’ll have to set aside some time to look into spyware programs. Hopefully I don’t have to wipe the drive. I’ll be so pissed if I do.

I got all of the grading done before noon, which was nice. Clavan is going to post all of the comments for David and I.

I even got the video recordings I need for my final assignment in ODT. Eventually at some point tonight I will compile them into a video and post it online for submission.

I cooked for the next two days, so I have lunches and dinners. Yay. Tomorrow is payday, thank goodness. I’ll be able to get eggs for breakfast.

I finished working on the 3D skull puzzle that I got with Sir. I would say that he got it for me, but he didn’t. I paid for it. He more encouraged me to spend the money on it. Either way, I sort of associate it with him. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it.

It wasn’t a very fun puzzle to work on to be honest. I’ve enjoyed all of the others ones I have done more. I would like to do the butterfly puzzle, and there are kitten ones, too. I aught to go online and see what all kinds there are.

I ended up going to the gym, which I’m proud of. I biked today since my legs are shot from running last night. I will most likely do some yoga to wind down tonight. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons I’m not as sore today as I thought I would be. I did a bit of stretching once I was able to convince my legs to move again when I got back to the apartment last night.

I am going to run by Publix on break to pick up the bug spray and the gift bags for graduation tomorrow. I really need to figure out the road map for my day tomorrow. And I need to remember that it’s Friday and not Saturday tomorrow. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with that today, but it has be throwing me off.

And actually I just realized that graduation isn’t tomorrow. It’s on October 3rd. Whoo. More time to figure out getting my computer set up with a network printer again. For some reason the one that I normally use upstairs is gone. It was a sort of crappy printer, sitting right next to our uber deluxe printer, which might be why they got rid of it. But it was the only printer at work my laptop was set up for, so currently I have no way of printing out the images for my graduation cards.

I’m going to try to get the 4C printer connected to my laptop, but if I can’t figure it out, then I was going to ask for help with it tomorrow. It’s only been on my to-do list like… all week. I would really rather not carry it over into next week if I can help it.

So yeah, as far as the rest of my day, I plan to cross stitch a bit of the November Gemstone dragon, work on and post my ODT assignment, reply to a few emails, and spray for bed bugs. I really want to take care of that before it becomes a big issue. I’m worried that it will be something that follows me for the rest of my life. >.< No thank you.

So aside from being super pissed about my computer today has been a pretty chill and mildly productive day so far. Yay. Off I go to stitch some x’s.


One thought on “Post 0003 : New Rule – No Touchy

  1. bbwvyxyn

    I am so petrified that they are going to follow me to Texas. I am going to be a crazy person when I move spraying stuff down, etc. I am just glad to see you are moved in and happy.

    -M.E. 😉


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