Post 0007: Weekly Recap


So really I was supposed to recap yesterday, but I’m happy with doing it today.

I woke up around 4 and couldn’t go back so sleep, so I did all of the chores that I slacked off on. It was really nice cleaning up my room. I went through most of my ‘in’ pile, so more stuff got put away or thrown away. There are a few things on my corkboard now, so it’s not completely empty. I cleaned up my desk more. Without a bookshelf there is only so much I can do right now for my books and such.

I cleaned up the desktop computer. It’s running way better, at least it seems to be. Without a lot of testing I won’t know for sure. But all of the adware stuff that was on the browsers is gone, and Chrome will actually open now. I feel better about it. Still miffed that shit got put on it in the first place, but I feel like I have solved most if not all of the problem so that’s nice. Big task done.

I went back to sleep for a little while, and got back up at 10. I made breakfast, including bacon, and I’m trying out a detox thing that I saw on Facefail last night. It has honey and cinnamon in it, which are both anti-virals. If I die, that will most likely be why.

Other than that not a whole lot has gone on today.

Yesterday ended up being a pretty good day. I talked to John for a few hours, which was fantastic. We both talked about our relationship woes. We may start playing computer games together. Either Guild Wars or World of Warcraft. If we do the latter he will have to pay for my account, but I think he would be ok with that.

He’s doing really well for himself. I’m super hardcore proud of the progress he has made in his life.

I ended up running yesterday. I needed parchment paper and Ari had some and lives just up the street from me. So I used that as an excuse to workout. I needed one or it wasn’t going to happen. I did a bit of yoga when I got home so my legs aren’t as bad, but they are still a bit sore. Waiting another day before running again might have been the smarter option, but it was what I wanted to do, so I did it.

I made the walnuts and almonds yesterday, ate the rest of the food I had precooked from last week, and made a mac and cheese with burger and bacon thingy that turned out awesome. There was onion in it too, with some BBQ sauce. Jarrett made it a few times when we lived together. It’s totally in no way healthy, but it is soooooo good. So I have two containers of that left.

I started messing with Pintrest yesterday, which was fun. I have a few boards and I’ve started pinning stuff. There’s some recipes I want to try. I also made new recipes for my almonds and walnuts on They are going to be reviewed, just like the zucchini fries, so hopefully they get posted. That would be cool.

I stitched a bit more, but nothing major. I have a yoga class at the gym I want to go to at noon, and work starts at 5.

I was hoping to have today off, but unlike all of the other months that I have worked at Full Sail, this month has started right on a Monday. I had so been hoping to have today off; planning on it actually. Oh well. Just got to roll with it.

I think I’m still doing pretty well despite that. Super productive already.

I want to cook a couple of meals, so I plan to do one before going to the gym, and then one after I get back. I also want to make a batch of zucchini brownies for Sammi and Josh. We have plans to hang out tomorrow, which is actually my day off, so it worked out really well.

I also get to do laundry tomorrow, since Tuesday’s are the cheap days at the laundromat I go to. It’s been rough having to go almost two weeks without doing laundry, but I’ve managed. Go me.

As for the weekly recap, it’s interesting to go back and reread everything that I have written. Each day seems like there is nothing else, only this moment and it will never change. And then the next day comes and it feels like there is only this moment and nothing will ever change. And then the next day, and the next. And surprisingly life keeps on going.

It’s interesting to see how much has happened over a single week, how it has only been a week since I moved in, less than a week of stressing over the bills with Jarrett, only a week since I’ve shaved my head. It seems like I have lived here forever, and that the issue with Jarrett is all consuming. But neither of those statements are true.

I think looking back on it, my week wasn’t so bad. It had a few rough moments, but overall I feel that I am in a much better position, for myself, than what I was. I still feel more stable and myself than I have in months.

I feel that I have more energy today. That I have made it through the crash and that I am on the up swing again. I can’t be sure for that one. But from where yesterday started to where it ended was a huge improvement, and it is carrying over into today, so I have hopes.

I will chalk last week up to a decent week.

A new class starts today, both for school and work. A new month, a new week. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens and what I have to write about. For now I need to go otherwise I will run out of time to cook before the gym. Off and away to save the day.


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