Post 0017: Busy x.x


So much stuff has been going on, so I know this is going to be a novel of a post. I meant to write yesterday, but opted to sleep instead, so now there’s like 2 ½ days wroth of catching up to do.

I did go running at Lake Underhill the other night. The run was pretty good, but I’m not a fan of the trail itself. One of the sides is right up against the 408, and the other side is right against the lake. So there’s a giant wall on one side and a metal rail on the other. The trail itself is sort of narrow in this area, which means when there’s a ton of people with baby strollers and dogs and little kids it sort of feels claustrophobic.

Once I got off that side of the trail it wasn’t bad, but I don’t think I’m going to be running it again by choice. There are too many other trails that I actually like. Maybe a different time would have been better. I did go later in the evening when most people are off of work and getting in their workout before calling it a day… much like what I was doing. Maybe going during a more ‘off’ hour would have been better.

Regardless of the trail, I was really glad that I ended up running. Bit the bullet and did it like a bawce.

I was pretty tired once I got home, so I showered and ate. I had started listening to a Time Management course on while in the SAL lab. One of the things it wanted you to do was go through a super long list of different areas in your life where you might have incomplete tasks. It would have prompts like “Home Computer” and you’re supposed to write down literally anything that comes to mind.

Software to download, run a virus scan, clean the monitors, empty the trashcan. Literally anything no matter how big or small that you want to ‘do’, you write it down and get it out of you head. After going through this process I had about four pages worth of tasks that I want to do. And that’s just the first initial sweep to clear out the brain.

After I did that I was feeling pretty tired so I went to sleep.

I woke up pretty early, and well rested. Because of that I got a jump-start on all of my chores for the weekend. I figured out my budget and paid bills. I figured out my meals for the week and got my shopping list together.

I noticed a post by Alex, a former student, one Facebook mentioning how he is trying to sell a bunch of his stuff since he’s moving to California. He had a small organizer a media bookcase, and a lamp that he wanted to sell. I messaged him asking about the prices for those three items, hoping to get some furniture to finish unpacking my boxes for cheap.

After all of that I still had time to get to the gym and do a spin class and shower. Then I went and started attacking the chores I wanted to do.

There were a few things mentioned in the Time Management training that I wanted to try out. I’ve gone through a handful of these things before, and there are always one or two new things that I can take away from them.

One of the areas in this training was the suggestion of having a portable ‘in’ box. A place where you can keep those paper items that you collect through the day like receipts, or printouts. On of the things the video suggested to use as a ‘portable in box’ is a padfolio. Since I use notebooks though, a padfolio wouldn’t really work. I would have to change my whole system up, and I really don’t want to do that.

I know, I know. Switching from a notebook to a pad of paper isn’t really that big of a change, but thinking about doing it makes me cringe. I like being able to close the notebook. I don’t really know why, but it means a lot to me. I like being able to turn the pages rather than having to flip through them, and I like having the three holes like normal notebook paper.

So since I don’t have to change my system I’m not going to. Which leaves me trying to find something that will work as an in box for my current system.

While I was at Walmart I checked out the office section, to see if maybe there was something that could work. There was actually this sort of mini case with a latch, which is amazing. It can even lock!

But basically I can keep all of those papers I want with me, without having them get destroyed and crumpled or having them fall out of my notebook. I can keep my notebook with me. I can keep my receipts in there as well, and always have them with me. I can stash my wallet, work badge, and phone in there, along with the board I keep my cross stitch pattern on.

And since it closes, I don’t have to worry about anything getting wet when it rains, or having to juggle all of those items in my hands. And it’s a nice portable, sturdy box, so it can be stacked, and if I need to I can fit it in my book bag.

Like I said, amazing. I love it. There’s even a clipboard latch on the font of it, so I can write on loose-leaf paper if need be. It’s like it was invented specifically for me. : 3

I tried getting an actual ‘in’ box, for my desk, but that’s something I’ll get into a bit later.

I also went through almost every clearance rack in the women’s section and found two new tops to wear. They are athletic tops, but they look nice and I think they fit me well. I like the suggested style from Sammi, of wearing a shawl or over top, so that’s why I got them. I like the way the fabric feels, and because they are a bit more form fitting, I look feminine in them, rather than the loose t-shirts I normally where.

And because they are athletic, I feel powerful when wearing them. I don’t know if that’s really a good or bad thing, but it keeps me conscious of the fact that I am working on improving myself. It keeps me aware of my goals, and makes me question if my actions are really lining up with what I want.

It’s silly how small things mean so much to me, but they do. And because they do I use them to my advantage. Hard, better, faster, strong.

Oh! I bought a poster frame for the Queen Mabb poster form Sammi, too.

So about the ‘in’ box. I’ve wanted one for a while because it has been mentioned in other training and books that I’ve read. But since I haven’t really had a home base or computer area of my own for a while, I never saw the point to getting one. Well, now I have my computer desk set up again, so I added it to the ‘to get’ list.

I wanted an actual box with a lid, but Walmart didn’t seem to have those. Like a sucker I got something that I wasn’t really happy with, and even as I walked out the door I thought, “I really should return this”. I don’t have the patience for spending money on things that I don’t absolutely love.

I went on with my day though, going to Publix and buying my grocery list.

By the time I got home and had all of the food put away it was time for me to go to school for the PCC critiques at 3pm.

Alex had gotten back to me, and said I could have everything for $20 bucks, and that he would bring them to the school for me.

We met up after the critiques. He didn’t have the lamp, but we’re going to figure that out later. It was awesome to see him again and to give him a hug. He’s a super cool guy. I gave him $25 because I wanted to give him extra. If I had had a $10 on me I would have given him that instead. I know he’s selling things to get money to help with the move, and that he’s going to need to buy new stuff once he’s out there, so ever little bit helps.

I also got to see Eduardo again, since he came in for the PCC critiques. I know the students love having feedback from people like him, since he’s alumni. They sort of look up to guys like Eduardo, and respect them. It’s like a beacon of hope for the students in a way. These people went through the program and survived and are doing well, so it’s possible for them to do it as well.

Apparently Eduardo just got a contract position at EA, so he will be staying in the area. I’m so happy for him. I told him he should do something to celebrate, and I hope he does. Again, another really super cool dude.

After all of that I had work from 5pm until 1am, which was pretty uneventful.

Since I had written down all of my tasks triggered by the Time Management video I wanted to transfer them from paper into Omni-Focus. That’s what most of the first lab was put towards.

I had to take the last hour to hardcore help out a student. We went through her rig and made a pretty extensive battle plan to get her caught up. If she follows it she will be fine, but right now she’s pretty far behind.

I finished off going through my lists during the second lab. Mr. Hand-Holdy wasn’t in lab so I actually had uninterrupted time to work. I checked over a rig one of the guys in finals wanted me to look at for joint placement, and even got to finish off my chapter 13 of Art History while cross stitching.

I talked to several people that I’ve been meaning to message for ages, and I plowed through several other tasks on my list. So much productivity.

I got my tasks organized into my categories of “today”, “this week”, “this month”, and “soon”. So I feel like I’m back to my base line. I can already see and feel a marked change. I know what I need to do, and I know when it needs to be done, and I know how I’m going to get it done. It’s not inside my head, floating around as nebulous “I should be doing…” thoughts anymore.

I went through this process when I first moved in with Clavan, which seems so long ago now. And through dating and moving and work craziness, I fell of the wagon so to speak.

I have been working to get everything back to where I need it to be. Cutting ties with exs, getting my room setup, getting back to my routine. It’s all coming together. And I can feel the shift inside of me. Pieces clicking back into place and reforming myself and finding my identity again.

Today has been an awesome day so far. I haven’t worked out, but I plan on doing stretching when I get home to loosen up. I’m currently at work for the SAL lab.

Before work though I had breakfast, and got to message with a potential freelance guy. A former coworker recommended me to someone he knew who was looking for a setup artist. Having some extra income would be fantastic, so we have plans to talk more tomorrow. I sent him links to my website, Vimeo, LinkedIn, and Creative Crash pages.

I don’t really have any details other then the project starts next week, so I’ll have more to write about on that front tomorrow.

I did end up returning the inbox today. I stopped by Office Dept and found exactly what I was looking for. It’s a snap box, with a lid that the box can actually sit in, so everything is nice and contained and if I ever needed to move it or pack it (since I’m the queen of moving) everything is nice and easy and already in a box, or I can repack everything, and collapse the box down so it’s easy to store.

It’s like my new notebook case. I absolutely love it, and am already using it.

Basically anything that is out of place or ‘unprocessed’ you put into the box. That way everything you need to do something with is in a place where you know, eventually, you will take care of it. Things aren’t left out, constantly reminding you of things you ‘should’ be doing but aren’t doing. You set a specific time to do nothing but ‘process’, one item at a time, and in that manor you go through everything in your ‘in’ box.

Since I got the new box from Office Dept, that meant I had to go to Walmart to return the one I bought, which meant 20 minutes of standing in line to return 1 item. Shoot me now. While I was there I went ahead and bought an actual bookcase to hold all of my books. Go figure, a bookcase for books.

I love having a bookcase. It is the last thing I need for this to feel like home. I’ve been thinking about holding off on it, but I really needed to get it now. I want my room completed and in order. I think that will mean a lot to me. The small media bookcase I got from Alex will be for my art supplies and knickknack objects, while the bookcase I got today will be for my actual books, notebooks, files, and such.

So Mom said the new bookcase was my birthday present. She’s amazing and I love her. ❤

But that was another 20 minutes of having to wait to check out.

I’ve been talking with John and Nathan. I guess they are having issues because Nathan can’t make up his mind about what he wants to do. He hasn’t had a job for a while, and now that he finally got one, he hates it and wants to quit. He wants to go to school and have John pay for it, but he doesn’t know what he wants to do, so John doesn’t want to pay. Which is making Nathan feel like John doesn’t care or love him.

Being on the outside I can see what’s going on. I’ve been talking with Nathan trying to help him see some of the options he has, and to help him figure out what he would really want to do with the rest of his life. I think it is going to take a bit of time to truly figure it out, but I’m glad that I’m able to help both of them.

I get to put my bookcase together when I get home tonight. I’m glad I have that to look forward to. I also need to get more reading done so it’s not all left for tomorrow. The following chapters are not nearly as long as the last two were, which means they should go faster.

I also need to finish off the main assignment for this week and reply to the discussion posts for the allegory assignment.

I have tentative plans to do dinner with Samantha to talk about some of the issues she’s going through in finals. Sort of general girl / bitch time.

I think those are all of the main points for the last few days. Tons of productivity.

I’m going to try to work through Chapter 4 in my Python coding book since that’s been on my list for forever, and I have some time to do it. I want to try to do one work task, one school task, and one personal task every day. I think if I keep it down to one it will be manageable. So since I don’t really have much going on work wise, that is going to be my one task. Work through chapter 4.

School is to read chapter 14 and 15.

And personal… I’ve already done so much one, but I would like to put the bookcase together. And I know once the bookcase is assembled I’m going to want to set everything up on it… Because I’m like that. There’s also yoga and cooking I would like to do.

So I think today is going to be a really productive day. The more I get done, the more in control and on top of things I feel. I feel like I’m getting things going in the right direction.

This freelance opportunity could be super fantastic. Extra money would make things so much easier for me. I could seriously start blasting through my credit card debt, and it could help offset the new car payment that I have to make. We will have to see what this project is going to require, and the turnaround time they are looking for.

We’re about to go on break though. So I’m going to go so I can eat, and then poke around at some code. It’s going to be great. I haven’t done a code project in months, almost a year. I know I’ve been feeling like a slacker in that area, so addressing it is going to make me feel really good about myself.

Go go positive feelz. : D


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