Post 0032: Why, AM labs? Why?


I can see it already. This month is going to be rough.

Yesterday was good. Woke up, did a bunch of chores including getting a heat lamp for Seth, mailing some packages like my dad’s birthday gift, even got him a birthday card to go with it. Picked up more coffee creamer while I was at it. Had Subway for lunch, went to the gym, sat at the park afterwards to brainstorm my day and enjoy the sun for a little while, cooked some chicken, tuna, and maple salmon, played WoW for a little bit, finished listening to Quiet, downloaded Attack on Titan, stitched about half the boarder for November Dragon, watched the first two episodes of Attack on Titan, figured out who I need graduation cards for on Friday, figured out when and where to hold PCC critiques, set aside time to go to the Panel Review for the students in PAS, and started work on the first SAL assignment so I understand what students are doing with the project. It changed this month so I want to stay current. I talked to Jarrett and should be getting roughly $20 to $30 from him. Not much but enough for food. I replied to my dad’s email as well. He send me his number, so I sent mine in return.

Of course none of it really happened in that order, but all of it eventually happened at some point during the day.

Since it is getting colder Seth, Snake Bro as Sammi called him, has been having a rough time staying warm. Since the connecting piece on my old heat lamp is plastic, and the bulb I use is such a high wattage the lamps have a tendency to break if you move them around. So of course with all of the moving that I have been doing, the lamp itself busted.

I haven’t replaced it since it has been so warm, and Joshua never ran the AC. Well since I keep my window open for circulation, and it is getting colder outside, Snake Bro needs some love. He’s been trying to get out of the cage so he can get somewhere warmer. So I’m glad that I got that taken care of. He’s a lot happier now, all curled up under his lamp. He’s my baby. ❤

The day was pretty relaxing and restorative.

The SAL lab was one of the ones that I’m comfortable with. Students were basically making lights and moving them around in the scene to recreate reference images they were given. Easy stuff and I was able to help out with all of the questions except for one, which was an easy answer and I would have known had I done the project. Since that’s on the do-to list, I’m not all that upset about it. I could have run the lab on my own, and that makes me feel good. I’m comfortable with the content.

The only downside was that Frank was sick so I was in lab with Tony. It’s always a little awkward for me to work with a course director. I feel like I am being evaluated, because in truth, I am. I didn’t let it bother me too much though. Just did my thing, and when I had a question about something myself, I asked.

I ran out of my daily vitamins at home, but since my mom had gotten me two giant bottles while they were on sale a while back I had a bottle at home, and one at work for when I forget to have pill with breakfast. I snagged the work bottle while we were on break so I could refill the bottle I have in the kitchen instead of going out and spending more money.

I’m proud that I actually remembered to pick that up. Since it is such a minor task, it’s something that I would normally end up forgetting. But thanks to my OmniFocus, I remembered, and was able to actually do it, rather than getting home and feeling down for not being able to get something done.

I helped one of the guys in finals with his rig. He was having issues with his hand setup, but I think he’ll be ok now. I guess there’s only four setup students in finals at the moment, so critiques on Friday should move pretty fast.

I got a little frayed towards the end of lab since there were a lot of questions and I was trying to do actual work. My brain doesn’t like switching tasks, especially when I really want to complete what I’m working on. So by the end of it I was ready to go home and not be interrupted.

Oh! Before I get into that, I was able to see Sam yesterday, and to give her the cross-stitch gift finally. She super loved it and I’m so happy I was able to make her day. Totally made the whole adventure with the frame worth it.

I even told her the story behind getting it framed and she said that made her love it even more since it had a story to go with it. Warm fuzzy feelings. : 3

While I was playing WoW I got to hang out with Sammi and Josh for a little bit, which was totally awesome. They are doing fantastic in Texas, and it seems like we’ll be able to spend some time together every once in a while leveling our characters. I don’t know how often I will get to play. I’ll most likely end up playing more than I should with all of the work and school I have going on, but lately I haven’t been feeling guilty about taking time way from those things to do things that make me relax.

When I have days of low productivity I just think back to the all of the days where I ran around non-stop and got so much taken care of. At the same time I think of all of the other countries that don’t have things like video games and Internet; places that don’t have days off, and where survival is the main focus of everyday.

It makes me think of how trivial my issues really are, and how I should be thankful that I only have the problems I do. Things could be so much worse, so much harder. I really do have a good life, even with all of the debt that I have given myself. I have amazing friends and family, and I a fantastic career that I love going to most days, and I’m in a pretty stable environment once again. I have a car that works. I have food to eat and a place to sleep. I have cloths to wear. And I have time to myself. I really have nothing to complain about.

Alex messaged me shortly before I left work asking if I wanted to meet up to get the lamp I had bought from him. So now I have a decent light in my room. It makes such a difference. It makes it feel homier, warmer.

He said that he still has a bunch of furniture that he wants to get ride of, including a super comfy couch and a coffee table. He wants $200 for it. I want to talk to Joshua about splitting the cost. Right now we literally have nothing in the living except for his bike, and a bunch of stuff I want to take to Goodwill.

I think I would like having furniture again. If that doesn’t work I might see if Alex would be ok with me making payments to him. $50 every paycheck, so it would take two months to pay for it in full. That would be my play money. Or if Joshua is interested in helping, I could give him $100 when we part ways to keep the furniture.

It is something worth looking into. Alex actually lives in the same apartment complex as me. We didn’t find that out until last night while we were talking. So getting the furniture to the apartment would actually be really easy.

Attack on Titan is crazy. Just incase anyone was wonder. Like totally messed up, tons of plot holes but they sort of fall into the background with how off the wall totally f’ed up the storyline is crazy.

I’m not sure if I’m going to like it or not. The art style is very interesting to be sure, and it’s dark enough on the emotional level that even if I don’t end up loving the storyline I’ll most likely watch all of it anyway. But it’s pretty bloody. There was several times where I was cringing. Sort of like Game of Thrones but not as bad.

With the last season of GoT I was literally yelling at my computer, “What the F*$#%!!!!” It was that bad. I’m glad I was alone when I was watching, otherwise I’m sure Joshua would have wondered if I was dying or something.

I totally didn’t want to stop watching Attack on Titan, but I had to be awake at 3am for lab. I don’t do well with just waking up, showering, and heading to work. I need time to adjust to my day, to mentally prepare for how it is going to go, to eat breakfast and be alone for a while.

Then I can jump into the thick of it and not have a melt down halfway through. At least normally.

So instead of waking up at 4 / 4:30, I’m up at 3 so I can shower, cook, eat, figure out how to conquer the world, then drive to school where I can corrupt brains.

But that meant that I’ve only gotten about three hours of sleep. So I know today is going to be on the rough side. And I can see it being this way for the rest of the month. I have to help fill in Friday, because Frank is going to be out again, but I am hoping the rest of the month Tony takes my place. He offered to do that at least so I wouldn’t have the backwards schedule that I do right now.

If that happens, it will help out a lot. That will give me so much more time for my class and the video training that I want to do, and it will let me have a consistent sleep schedule so I’m not constantly flipping back and forth.

It will help me avoid issues like today where I have a more demanding shift after only a few hours of sleep. If it were reverse, where I had my CRI1 labs and then the SAL lab with only three hours of sleep, it wouldn’t be so bad. I could suffer for four hours in a class that I’m not all that active in.

Being tired for my shifts though is going to suck. I feel like the students are going to get shortchanged since I’m not at my best for them. Or rather, this is the best I can do under the circumstances. It’s just that the circumstances suck.

If I can change them, then I feel like it is my responsibility to my class that I do. My class should be my priority. It is where I have the most expertise, and where I am needed the most.

Enough of that though. It’s getting ‘late’. Almost 4:40, so I should get going so I can be the class on time and get the day started. I should also finish eating… that whole multitasking thing… yeah.

I’m off and away for now.


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