Post 0035: Weekly Recap – Not So Bad


I felt sort of lame since my last post wasn’t really a weekly recap. So I went back and reread all of my journals for this week, and I actually wrote more than I thought I did.

I’m also glad I went back and read through my writings because it helped me feel better. I was feeling like I got nothing done during the week, and that I slacked off all weekend, but in reality I got a lot done this past week. And the week itself was really good, so there’s no reason for me to be feeling down like I am.

I didn’t watch any Lynda training, or finish the Dragon of Earth, but I did finish the November dragon and I got all of my cross-stitching gives to the people the needed to get to.

Dad and I have plans to talk tomorrow due to the emails we have been sending back an forth, so I am feeding that relationship a little bit.

I went to the Panel Review for Jose, so he’ll be graduating at the end of the month.

I spend the SAL lab on Friday, Halloween, talking to one of the students who was having a rough time. I told him about some of my experiences as a student, and offered him some advice, so I’m hoping that he feels better. He thanked me for talking to him at the end of lab. I think it made him feel better to feel like someone wanted the best for him, even if he doesn’t know what he wants.

Other than that Halloween was super quiet for me. No trick-or-treaters. That was the day I got the furniture from Alex. I also had dinner with Clavan at Moe’s.

We talked about work and the classes. I mentioned to him that I wanted to meet with Pete to talk about cleaning up the break room for the lab staff, so it felt less like a storage closet. I feel like something needs to be done to raise moral. It doesn’t feel like we have our own space. CDs and ACDs get their own office / cubical, but we as lab stuff do not have a place of our own, and the one room that is supposed to be ours doesn’t feel like –ours-. It would be nice to feel like we belonged somewhere, rather than just nebulously coming and going for labs.

So that is something that I will try to iron out in the next little bit. I wanted to make sure Clavan was ok with it before going to Pete.

I held PCC critiques, which went pretty well. Tre is killing it. Still waiting to hear about to see if he gets hired by Mark’s company. After critiques I walked over to graduation with Daniel. We sat together for Nicole.

I didn’t go to the gym like I had wanted to. Instead I went and helped Alex move all of the furniture from his apartment to mine. We ended up asking a lady with a truck to help us so we didn’t have to carry everything the whole way. Yay karma.

Saturday I got donuts for my 5am lab since I felt bad for them. I’m sure they had other places they wanted to be rather than at school on a Saturday at 5am on the day after Halloween.

That was the evening that I had dinner with Sam and Tim.

Sunday I finished off my homework for GR1 and submitted. I’ve already replied to 4 posts out of the required two, so I’m feeling good on that. I can start the new training assignments and work on the second project.

I didn’t get to play WoW with John, but he was going through a bunch of stuff with Nathan. I got my character to level 30 though, so I’m happy with that. Next goal will be 35.

So lots of stuff happened for work. I put in the time I needed to for school, and I still got a bunch of personal stuff taken care of.

So last week was great. And this week is off to a good start.

I’ve already gotten the car taken care of and off the to-do list. I’m working my way through the stuff that I didn’t get to on the weekend, and even though I have to go in for SAL, that just means that I get some time to work through more things.

Today isn’t a bad day, and last week wasn’t a bad week. I’m glad that I have these posts as reminders of that. And I’m glad I wasn’t too much of a slacker and that I actually went back and did a weekly recap. It really helped put things back into perspective for me.

Yeah I haven’t been getting everything that I want to do, done. But I have been doing a lot of really fulfilling things. And just because I haven’t been getting to the gym, doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out. Moving the furniture Friday, and then rearranging my room Saturday were totally workouts that I’m still sore from.

So yeah, no more apathy and feeling down. I killed last week, and I’ll make this week just as good.


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