Post 0043: Blogging


After my post yesterday I was able to get some minor things done, but over all I sort of feel like the day was a bust. Being tired to the point of being unable to think and process information sucks.

I spent a while reading over the Frederator terms and conditions. I had a few questions about the contract, so I didn’t sign anything. I’m waiting to hear back from them, instead.

Their first email went to my spam folder, so I need to keep an eye out in there as well for the response.

I have to say, getting an email from them has me motivated to create more content.

Basically Frederator works like Adcents. Every time someone goes to my site they will see ads, and I get a small profit from it. Since I will be working through Frederator, they will take a 30% cut of the profit.

In exchange they push my site and promote my content, and they will help me create an appealing channel that draws more people in.

I think I’m going to do it, as long as the answers to my questions aren’t, “Yes, that includes your soul.” Honestly, I have a pretty good following. Lots of people check out my stuff, so if I started producing more content I could actually make some serious money, which would help get me to my financial goals faster.

So yeah, seriously kicking some ideas around.

There was a bunch to read in the contract, and being tired made it harder than it needed to be, but I got through it and am now waiting for a response. So that is as done as I can get it for the moment.

My car insurance policy is renewing, which meant I got an email notice to print out a new card. Went ahead and did that, so now the hard part is remembering to put in it the car.

I’m glad that it is rolling over. When I got the Mazda 2 my insurance rate increased because the car was newer than the Buick. Since I was already partway through my policy they had to condense the payment increase into a shorter time span, which really increased my monthly payment; more than what it normally would have been.

Now that the policy is resetting my payments are going to drop by about $70 bucks. That is going to make life so much easier. That’s more money I can use to burn through my other debts. I feel like I’m gaining speed on that front. Things are starting to catch up and work themselves out.

I replied to literally every post in my GR1 class. I know we didn’t have to do that many replies, but I feel if my classmates are going to post their work, I should be able to give some sort of feedback on it. That’s how we get better, through feedback and insight. So even though that took a while to do, I’m glad I did it.

Other than that I’ve started poking around the Blogging101 tutorials that WordPress offers. There’s no real reason for it other than curiosity. I didn’t have much motivation to do something that had consequences, like homework.

I need to do well on that or my grade is affected. Being super tired isn’t the best recipe for doing quality work, so I didn’t want to start on anything like that. Same concept applies to working on the fish rig. I’m more likely to mess something up than to do it right, so it was a better call to hold off working on it until after I had at least napped.

That left me trying to fill the time with something of non-consequence. So I checked out my to-do list, saw the blogging thing on there and thought, “what the heck.”

It was actually pretty fun. I think I will eventually change my theme (read layout), but for now it’s alright. I changed up the way the sidebar is displayed and added a few pages.

The ‘About Me’ page was fun. There were actually three posts with recommended suggestions for creating it that I read through. There was also different ideas for posts and such.

I’m most likely going to go through all 30 days of the tutorials just for fun. I have two posts I want to write that are recommended. One is an intro post, which I’ve sort of already done, and the other is explaining the tag / title of my blog, which I’ve never even thought about doing.

Basically it’s giving people more of a connection to me, and an explanation for why I blog. I’ve never really put much thought into the people who may be reading this to be honest. I write for myself, and the peace of mind I find through writing.

I’m not looking to grow this into a huge thing. I would actually rather it stay small and sort of quiet; a small nook on the Internet where someone may stumble upon it. Where someone may find something they are looking for through my words.

This isn’t meant to be a call for attention. Rather, it is a softly spoken conversation meant only for those who take the time to listen.

So really, the whole ‘blogging’ thing is just a past time. A hobby I suppose, that gives me a since of fulfillment. And that fulfillment is why I want to go through the tutorials. Because it is fun, because I like my blog and I want to play with it a little, because it would made me happy to do it, even if I could be doing other things.

Messing around with my blog got me through the rest of the lab. There were a handful of questions, but they were pretty good questions, so I was actually really happy to help them out. It was the most anyone had asked all month.

I wanted to sleep so badly when I got home, but they are still replacing the roofing on the apartments around me, so there was all this noise and banging, talking and music. It was so frustrating. It wasn’t until about 7pm that things finally became silent.

I tried cross-stitching and watching more Tenchi Muyo, but I couldn’t do that for long. My brain just didn’t have the will power to do anything.

I basically curled up in bed with a sheet over my eyes and waited until I was able to fall asleep. And I slept until about 7 this morning.

At around 7:30 the noise started back up again. I’m so glad I woke up before that and was already working on my cup of coffee. Otherwise there’s no telling what sort of destruction I would sown.

I feel rested; sore and tight, but awake and ready to start the day. Slowly start it, but I feel like I will build up momentum as I go. My muscles just need a chance to stretch out and loosen up, especially my lower back.

I’ve already had breakfast. And I have my to-do lists lined up. I think once I do some morning yoga that my body will be up to speed with my brain. Today has the feeling of being a solid, productive day; which normally directly correlates to the level of goodness in my book.

So here’s to looking at an awesome day. Now to go make it so.


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