Post 0046: 4 AM Awakeness


Once again I came home and was kept awake by the banging going on across the way. I like that the apartment complex is keeping up with everything, and making sure we all have a good roof over our heads, literally. But holy cow is it annoying to not be able to go to sleep when I’m tired.

And what sucks is I really can’t even be mad about it. I mean, who goes to sleep at 3 in the afternoon? At least in ‘normal land’ who does that? Not many people, since society is based on a 9 to 5 schedule.

Aside from that yesterday was pretty good.

I had some training I needed to do since I occasionally help out with a tour the school does. I had to read through a PDF, watch a 20-minute video, and then pass a practice test before I could then go and take the actual test. Once that was passed I could then print out a piece of paper saying I’m a badass who is well informed about the school, its programs, and the logistics behind everything, sign and date the paper, and give it to my program coordinator.

To pass the test you had to get a 90% on it. 50 questions of multiple choice and true false.

Sadly on my first go at the practice test I got an 88%. So lame. I missed six questions. Got a 96% on the second time through the practice session though, which nailed me a 100% on the actual test. So I’m happy.

Got the paper signed and turned in all before break in my first lab. Since that was mandatory I’m super happy that I got it taken care of and done. It was due by today so I was cutting it down to the wire really.

I looked at Luis’ scripts since I asked him to put them up on DropBox a few days ago. He feels he is weak when it comes to scripting, and most likely he is. A lot of the tutorials and podcasts out there are more “copy what is on my screen,” not, “this is what I am typing and this is why it works.”

He wants to try to get an internship with PlaySation, so we have a solid goal we can work towards now. It should be fun to help him grow. I think his biggest issue is his self confidence.

I wrote my Blogging 101 Introduction post, which was fun. I enjoyed explaining my blog and reaffirming to myself why I write. It was recommended to tag the post with blogging101 so other people could read it. So I did, and other people read it, and a handful of people actually ‘liked’ my post.

It gave me warm fuzzy feelings. So that was nice.

I renewed the domain name for the 3D Blitz site. I bought it last year so the event could be a bit more official feeling. It was $15 bucks to renew, but I feel it is worth it. 3D Blitz is my baby. I want to keep with it, and I want to keep my site.

I completed both tutorial 9 and 10 for my GR1 class. The videos weren’t as long or as bad as I thought they would be. They were super on target, and none of them were longer than five minutes. Super sort, sweet, and to the point. I love it.

So even though there were about 10 videos per assignment, I got through them pretty quickly. So now I’m up to the project for this week.

I plan on making a mockup of my image in Photoshop so I can have a reference for base shapes and proportions. I want to get that created along with a block out made inside of Illustrator. I figure if I work at least 4 hours a day on it that would get me 12 hours total by turn in. And I could always do a bit more since Saturday I don’t have lab.

I think I might actually get time to play WoW this weekend with the way things are shaping up.

I came home and attended the online CareerPath training. It’s a new platform where employees can track extra curricular things that they do, such as training, seminars, and such. I’m normally really good about meeting all of my hours.

The base requirement is 16 hours of ‘faculty development’ over the course of a year. By taking a single GameDev class I was already at something like 110 hours. I know I already had my base 16 before starting my new program, so I’m not worried about it.

I found out how to access the tutorials through the new platform, which was the only thing I couldn’t figure out. I guess there’s not a way to log into the website anymore, which is what I was looking for. No wonder I couldn’t find it… since it’s not there.

You have to search for the video you want, out of, literally, the thousands we have access to. It’s not as clean as I would like for it to be. But it’s not terrible either. Just different, and something I will have to get used to.

After that I spend a bit of time looking at gauntlet armor. I am building up steam to get my tattoos. The first ones I get are going to be my gauntlets. I have been kicking the idea of getting an additional piece of armor across the tops of my hands; sort of an extension of the gauntlet.

This may sound sort of cheesy, but I want to have the fire symbol from Magic the Gathering on my right hand, and the symbol for earth on my left.

I know it’s from a card game and that some people are going to look down at it as being immature. Or jump to the conclusion that I’m a hardcore nerd.

In my opinion, good design is good design. The symbols are pretty much exactly what I’m looking for. The Pokémon symbols aren’t bad either to be honest. And I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed that autocorrect knew how to spell Pokémon correctly…

But, I like Magic the Gathering more. I feel the game is about strategy and thinking, and I have a lot of fond memories of playing the game with my brothers, my first boyfriend, and people from school.

My right side is my fire, and I feel my left side is my earth, my passion and reason, my yin and yang.

I feel having those symbols in such a visible place will remind me to always strive to maintain balance. That there should be a harmony between my two sides.

I’m thinking of adding the German words for mind, geist, and body, korper, along the wrists of the armor. Each animal I plan to get as a word associated with it, and I feel these symbols should as well.

Earth is my mind. My reason. My logic. It is what keeps me grounded. My thoughts give me life and help me to give that energy that drive to achieve and excel to others. I think there for I am. My mind gives me purpose, drive. My thoughts give me connections, roots, to things, places, and people.

My thoughts make me grow and flourish like the Elder tree of my Celtic zodiac. Elder trees is thought to be connected with the Elder Fairy, a symbol of wisdom, death and rebirth, transformation, so it will fit well with my Koi fish as it swims up my left arm to transform into the dragon on my right arm. It is a reminder that without death, and end, there can never be a new beginning.

Elder trees are also associated with the Crone, deep earth magic and spirituality.

I think I will have the symbol of the elder tree in the center of the tree tattoo itself.

Fire is my body. Fire consumes and so does the body. It needs energy to exist. Every action we do burns though a resource we must obtain. The body is warmth, it is the tangible, it is what is seen most clearly by the outside world. The body is our thoughts in physical form. Our actions the result of our mind.

I think the rune of Kauno would be best for the center of the fire. Kauno is not only the rune of Freya, my goddess, it is a fire symbol, and represents enlightenment, which fits well with my transformed dragon who chases pearls of wisdom across the sky.

The more I think about it, the more it feels right. I’ve wanted something on my hands for a while, and I’ve really wanted to start work on my armor.

I think this will be a good start. Something small, but still a step forward since the bigger pieces will be more expensive.

I have tons of reference pictures for gauntlets now. Depending on how much it is I might go ahead and get the outlines for the actual forearm pieces. I have already reached the goals for those.

As far as the goals for the hand tattoos, it will be severing the ties with my exs. The outlines for both hands will be paying off the debt on the credit card with Warren #2, and switching the phone over to Metro PCS so I am away from Sir.

The fill will be the end of the apartment with Jarrett. So I might not be able to get the tattoos filled until after February, but I think that will be ok. I don’t think I’ll truly be able to start work on the tattoos until after January anyway.

I feel that works out really well though. I can have December to really solidify what I want design wise, keep poking around online. I can take most of January to find an artist I want to work with, someone who will want to be part of this process for me, and I can save up a couple hundred between now and then so I can have the money to actually get the work done.

I’m excited about it. And I suppose since I lost the post about my tattoos from my old blog, I could make little snippet posts about my tattoos. Just thinking about them makes my skin ache for them. I feel they are a part of me that is missing.

Aside from that I stitched for a little bit and customized the email that is sent to people when they follow my blog. There’s another email that is sent with someone comments on my blog so I customized that message as well, along with the text that displays in the comment box under my posts.

Most small steps to making my blog my own.

Other than that I pretty much waiting for the day to wind down so I could go to sleep, which it finally did around 6pm. So naturally I am up at 4am.

I’ve been doing really well at knocking out my tasks for the week. I want to keep on with it, so today I might be running around a little bit, going to Goodwill, vacuuming the car. Things like that. I need to cook some tuna so I have food. And today is supposed to be a run day.

Right now I want to enjoy my solitude though. I have a few more hours before the world really beings to wake up, so I’m going to soak it in while it lasts.


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