Post 0054: Daily Prompt – Cousin It

Prompt: Who is that one, eccentric, relative in your family…
and what is it that earned them their reputation?

I know that in ‘normal’ families there’s that ‘one’ person who doesn’t fit in.

The black sheep, the outsider, the misfit.

Maybe my family is too accepting or open minded for our own good, since we don’t have one of those. But what I really think it is, is that every member in my family is a ‘misfit’ in their own, unique way, so we all fit in.

I mean, come on? How many kids WANT to watch the Discovery and History channel over cartoons? Or put puzzles together because it’s fun to make pretty pictures out of pieces? How many girls want to play with Hot Wheels cars, not because they’re fun, but because you could organize them based on color?

Or my brother? How many boys like picking flowers, or going shopping? How many people spend hours making countless amazing maps in RPG Maker? And don’t even get me started on his super effervescent extroverted behavior… I totally do not get his need for being around people, or how he can be social AND happy when he first wakes up in the morning… without coffee… or a shower… It’s like he’s instant sunshine.

Mind = blown.

My mom has this ability to have a conversation with literally anyone she meets. I remember there was one time we were at a Taco Bell and she was wearing a shirt from a casino she has visited. There was another lady there, and they started having this really involved conversation. I didn’t pay much attention to it, since I didn’t know the person, and it wasn’t my conversation.

When it was over I asked my mom if she had known the lady since they laughed and seemed to be so familiar.

Her reply was, “I’ve never met her before in my life.”

Again. Mind. Blown.

My mom has also told me stories from when she was growing up. How she made my grandmother want to pull her hair out, so at least I come by it honestly.

My mom has a way of being there and offering advice, and still letting you make your own choices (read mistakes). It’s like some sort of mom super power. I’ve never seen it in another person. At least not at the ninja level my mom seems to have.

My older brother is like me. Into video games, and being alone. Into technology, to the point where he is our ‘go to’ guy for anything that breaks or doesn’t function the way it should. He’s the one into dogs when the rest of us love cats. He’s our Wozniak.

And then there is Lio, my sister in law. The girly girl. Which means she gets along great with John. She loves shopping and make up and looking nice. She likes going out and doing things. She used to go out clubbing and dancing. None of that computes in my head.

We’re all different, and I like that about my family. We get on each others nerves for sure, and we’ve had our share of misunderstandings and growing pains. But we all love each other, unconditionally, quirky cousin-it-ness and all.


3 thoughts on “Post 0054: Daily Prompt – Cousin It

  1. shirleyslusciouslashes

    Reading your blog reminds me a lot of my own family. My daughter is like you our son is like John. I am becoming more like your mom, never talked much to strangers now that I’m older whole different story. My mom called me yesterday trying to get her new phone working, boy talk about needing patience had to count to three a few times.


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