Post 0058: Daily Prompt – Cue the Violins

Prompt: If your life were a movie…
what would its soundtrack be like?

Music is extremely important to me. Key events, key people, key places, they all have certain songs associated with them. I don’t so much think in soundtracks, as in individual pieces.

My song, the song that I listen to when I need to find myself, when I need to reconnect and find my balance is “Between Us and Them” by Ulrich Schnauss.

It starts off softly, and I feel that is normally how I start as well. I may seem slow at first but that is because I am gathering my energy, my thoughts, my focus.

I sit, I think. I contemplate and ponder, mapping out each possible scenario. Envisioning success before I even start.

I feel it. I own it. I hold it in my hands before I even move a finger. I know that it is mine and that all I need to do to achieve it in the physical world is to do. To move. To take action.

Some people may get bored and move on to something else before the song truly starts, and that’s ok.

This song is not for them. I’m not for them. I need to know that you’re interested in more than instant gratification. I need to know that the music of my life is important enough for you to stick it out for the long run, for the whole song, not just part of it.

There is still a rhythm in the beginning, though it may be hard for some people to find it, feel it.

Then I stand, ready to begin. Breathing deep, the music starts, a definite rhythm now. Though still slow, still soft. Warming up. I begin walking forward, taking steps to my goals. Come with me. Walk with me. Be a part of my journey.

Slow, measured, not running, not yet. So frustrating for some. Why so long to get going? Just run already. Action, movement, results. You want them, and you want them now. It’s so hard to wait sometimes.

But no. I make you wait. Walk first. Feel first. Enjoy the movement. Enjoy the feeling of your feet on the earth, the power of each step taking you forward. The slow build, the body warming, loosening.

Our goals are still there. We will still get there. Enjoy the journey. Drink it in. Feel where you are, feel the energy around you, filling you, charging you.

The music picks up again. We’re jogging now. Momentum building. Trees begin passing by, sunlight shinning through the leaves, hitting our skin. The air flows past us as we move, filling our lungs as we breath deeper, slightly faster.

The goal is in sight, at the forefront of our determination. We know what we want, where we are going. We will get there. It’s coming faster. Keep going. Let the movement be easy. Feel the rhythm. Feel the change.

The music slows. We’re halfway. Inhale. Catch your breath. Feel your body, feel your soul. Feel your dedication. You can make it the rest of the way.

Assess where you are. It’s coming. The final push.

You’re ready for it. You want to run. You want to give it your all. This is what you were waiting for. This fantastic freedom, building, building, so close.

And then it’s there. The music is back, louder, pushing you, pulling you, driving you forward and your body responds. Your legs moving faster, propelling you. Pushing you off the earth, launching you. Your arms now the wings of a falcon as you fly down the path, your eyes locked on your destination.

The end. It’s there. The goal, the purpose. So close. Keep going. Keep breathing, deeper, harder. Push. Push. Just a little more.

You’re a warrior. You’re a fighter.

You’re not going to give up. You’re not going to give in.

You’re going to make it. You’re going to get there.

You can touch it. You can taste it. It’s yours. All of it. Just keep going. Just a little longer.

The sun, the air, the path. None of it exists anymore. There is only the movement, the energy, the drive. There is only the sensation of freedom and the bliss of existing, of doing.

And suddenly the music slows again. You have crossed the line. You have reached your goal. So suddenly, so out of nowhere.

You realize where you are. You realize what you have accomplished.

Be proud. Stand in quiet awe of your potential fully realized.

Walk once again as the body calms. Stills. Breathing deeper, slower.

Reflect. Assess. Feel. Go back to stillness. Go back to the inner world of thought.

Go back to you and bask in the bliss of everything that you are, and everything that you can be.

That is my song.


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