Post 0060: Weekly Recap – It’s Over


Wow. I’ve written a ton this week. There are my daily posts, the Blogging 101 stuff, and the few prompt writings that I participated in. So much reading for a weekly recap. ;-;

It was a pretty low week to be honest. I didn’t get much done.

Got 100s on all of my assignments, and got paid so that’s awesome. Definitely positive points for those things.

I got the Liebster award because Ally is an amazing person. : D

I found out that Tim, a department chair at work, is totally on board with Project Breakroom.

The gift week was announced at work, which is awesome. Traditionally, the school gives us an extra week of vacation time as a thank you for everything we do. I was sort of banking on getting that week so I could spend it with my mom.

I found other blogs to follow and have made some pretty nifty connections.

I finished off another class in my degree, and the month is over, so my schedule is about to switch again.

There’s only two weeks before I get to see my family, and part of those two weeks I’m on Thanksgiving vacation. So I don’t have much work to worry about. I can survive two weeks.

I had my ‘date’ with Ari, which wasn’t a positive. But to be fair, things had been kind of rocky in my mind before we went out. I had to come to terms with the isolation that has been building inside me for a while. I think the outing just sort of poked it with a really sharp stick.

It lead to an emotional release that I think I needed. It led to me talking to Sammie, and feeling loved. I feel cleaner.

And right now I feel stronger.

I know this morning when I first wrote I felt like I had nothing to give. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get through the day with how tired I was.

I went back to sleep until around 9am. I felt better, more awake. I showered and packed up to go to school.

I went to Perkins for breakfast. I have good memories of having breakfast there with my mom. Sammie, Josh, and I went there a few times as well.

And it was actually pretty perfect. Just the right amount of people for 10am on a Sunday. Kids were talking with the parents. Couples were chatting or reading the paper. I was sat in a corner booth where I would watch but not worry about being in the way or having people walking past me.

I had an egg, steak, and potato omelet with salsa. There was a fruit cup as well. And I treated myself to a sweet tea instead of water.

My waitress was super nice. Didn’t flutter around me too often. Just left me to myself. She brought me a to-go tea without me even asking for it, which I thought was super sweet of her. I left her a tip just shy of 50%. She deserved it and I hope it made her day.

I went to school and got the key for the finals room. Since it’s the end of the month everyone’s assignments had to be turned in on Friday, so no one was going to be in that particular lab, which was perfect in my opinion.

I like the finals room. I spent three months of my life living in that lab, rigging, rendering, sleeping, and bashing my head against the computer desk trying to figure out why my file was breaking.

I still think of the desk that I sat at for those three months as ‘my’ desk. It’s my spot.

It felt good to be in the room, working on a project, again.

I got one of the tablets out of the cabinet and worked until about 1pm. I took a break, stretched a bit, then went back to work until roughly 4pm.

I didn’t eat anything. And I drank a little bit from the tea and coffee drink that I had.

The whole reason I ended up at Perkins was because originally I had stopped at Publix to pick up a Summer Roll. (I may or may not be obsessed with summer right now…).

Well… at 9:40am I guess the sushi guys haven’t been there long enough to have everything made because the sushi display was empty. So much sadness. Even the hot bar was empty. Why, Universe? Why?

While I was in the store I got a coffee drink and a newspaper for my mom. She’s super into couponing, so since I’m going to be going home soon, I wanted to get one for her.

So since I couldn’t have the breakfast I wanted, I had steak and eggs instead. Woe is me, right? I think I came out on the right end of that deal.

Anywho, I didn’t have any food with me, so I was only sipping at my drinks while I worked.

At 4pm I called it quites, submitted my work and started going through my messages since I had sort of been ignoring them.

I checked over Desiree’s rig since she was having issues, and recorded a short podcast for her explaining the fix she needed to do. I talked to Alex for a little bit. He’s doing some work for the company he has a contract with, so that’s awesome. I told Anthony about the pub I went to with Ari, so maybe he, Tica, and I can meet up there at some point.

I talked to Nicole since she was in the lobby with a few other students, working. After chatting with them though I felt it was time to go home.

I cleaned a lot. Vacuumed, swept, mopped, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, put all the dirty cloths in the hamper since I had a small pile going on the floor (I know, I’m a slacker).

I went through my ‘in’ box, which had all of my mail and receipts. I balanced my budget. I emailed Clavan about my vacation time. I emailed Donna asking about how my classes count towards my yearly review. I emailed Ari to see if we can get a meeting scheduled with Donna about Project Breakroom. And I sent out emails to some of my animator friends to get Tre connected with some people.

And now I’m doing my weekly recap.

There’s still stuff I want to get done, like going to the store. Which I’m actually going to do because one of the things on the list is a steak for dinner tonight.

I did way better today than I thought I would. And in acknowledgement of that I get protein. Omnomnomnom. : E

If I do this last thing, then I’ll be done for tonight. I don’t need that much from the store to be honest. So it should be a short trip, and then I get to come home and have a fantastic dinner. One where I can listen to the last three chapters in my book and maybe watch the new episode of Korra, even though I heard it’s lame.

I haven’t finished Joey’s gift yet, and I know there’s really no excuse for it. It’s so close to being done. That’s my goal for next week.

I need to message Jarrett and Mr. D about the bills since those will be due soon. I still need to set up a Dropbox folder for Michael so he can get the tutorials, and I haven’t sat down and mapped out my goals. But I have been thinking about them, so I’m not too upset at myself for not having done that already.

So this week had its ups and downs. More downs that what I have had in the past few months, but most of them were my own doing, and I recovered from them fairly fast.

So, this week, this month, is over. And I survived! Huzzah!

I feel like this coming week is going to be ok.

I feel like I’m going to be ok. And I can’t lie. I feel a lot of that has to do because of my Mother Earth being there for me, and for loving me, even when I goof up.

You’re amazing Sammie. Thank you so much for everything! ❤


One thought on “Post 0060: Weekly Recap – It’s Over

  1. bbwvyxyn

    Honey, a) it is immensely easy to love you. b) what you see as a major goof up, we see as you growing and learning as a person. I want to foster that along because once you figure you out, its going to be like seeing the Space Shuttle launch. Just Awe and Wonder. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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