Post 0069: Daily Prompt – Winning Streak


 “What’s the longest stretch you’ve ever pulled off of posting daily to your blog? What did you learn about blogging through that achievement, and what made you break the streak?”

So this is going to get a bit heated / passionate. Just fair warning for those looking for a warm, fuzzy, ‘feel good’ post. You might want to look elsewhere as I berate society. : D

/ start rant

I honestly don’t know what my longest streak is. The only way I would keep up with something like that is if I randomly got an achievement for it.

Now that I think about it, I’m sure there’s some way to find out through the dashboard, but that seems like a waste of time and energy to me.

Who cares how many posts you’ve made in a row?

I don’t write because I need a ‘winning streak’. And to be honest, the thought of adding an achievement to posting consistently, to me, cheapens the meaning of posting.

I’m not doing it for a ‘winning streak’. I’m not posting to have new content for the people to follow me or to appease the masses.

I’m posting for myself. Because it gives me fulfillment and because when I post it means something to me. There is a purpose to it.

Sometimes I’m awake for 38 hours at a time. Sometimes I have bad days. Sometimes I don’t want to say anything, or feel connected to anything / anyone.

If I forced myself to write in a situation like that merely to keep my ‘streak’ going, the tone would most likely be something like, “I hate the world. It should fall over and burn, quietly, to ashes, and if I’m disturbed while it meets its righteously earned demise, hell hath no fury…”

Somehow I don’t think many people would like reading a post saturated in the tone of, “F#ck off”.

I would gain nothing from posting when I’m tired, or when I’m angry, or when I need to be reflective and have not progressed to the stage of writing.

There are sometimes where not writing is the better option.

Which brings me to my whole issue with this concept of ‘winning streak’.

Why should not writing be a bad thing? Why is not writing breaking a ‘winning streak’?

Why is not writing ‘losing’?

I write when I feel I have something to write about. When my mind needs the keyboard to let the thoughts and emotions out.

The INFJ in me feels like I should apologize for that. That I should be sorry that sometimes I don’t want to write, or be social. That I should be sorry that most of the time I prefer to be alone and quiet, thinking and wandering through my head rather than being talkative.

But I’m not going to apologize.

Maybe I’m reading too far into the title of the post. I know nothing negative was meant by ‘winning streak’. But it makes me sort of angry.

No… not sort of. It makes me full on angry. It makes me frustrated. It reminds me of our cultural biases. It makes me want to reach through the computer and punch the title until I can’t punch anymore, and then punch it a few more time just to rub salt in the wound.

It reminds me how our society caters to the extrovert ideal. How we have to talk, show, produce to be seen as the ‘winner’.

Not all of us want to make small talk. Not all of us want to make a random post about nothing simply to say that we posted. To keep the streak going.

That’s useless babble. That does nothing to benefit anyone.

It’s like a filler episode in a show.

It leaves you feeling like you wasted your time. Nothing new was learned or gained. Nothing progressed.

The only thing that happened was minutes, sometimes hours, of your life were wasted and you will never be able to get them back.

They were wasted away because you thought what you were doing would be a good investment of your time, only to be tricked by someone else’s need to ‘win’.

Sometimes silence is golden. It makes you appreciate when something is truly said.

I try to post everyday. I do my best to honor myself, and my need for reflection, by writing.

But I’m not going to be sorry that I have a life, and that living it is more important to me than catering to the extrovert ideal of having a ‘winning streak’.

I’m not going to be sorry for being an introvert.

I’m not going to be sorry for having priorities that don’t revolve around posting to a virtual page that I will never be able to physically touch.

I’m not going to be sorry for being myself in a world that has tried for years to convince me that my quiet, reflective nature was ‘anti-social behavior’ and something that needed to be corrected.

I’ll post when I want, about what I want, and society can take its concept of a ‘winning streak’ and shove it.

Some times I want to be quiet. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make me a loser. It doesn’t mean I fall short of something.

It means when I post I actually have something of substance to say that isn’t a waste of time.

This whole thing reminds me of a quote about introverts I recently found through Ally, in her post, “A great article”.

“I might not light up the room, but I change the world.”

So while the rest of the world is obsessing over its ‘winning streak’, I’ll be over here in my corner, quiet, thinking, planning.

And when I quietly clear my throat and get everyone’s attention, the world will be awe struck by the countless amazing accomplishments I am able to achieve because I realized I could do better things with my time other than make useless small talk.

/ end rant

*No extroverts were harmed in the writing of this post*


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