Post 0071: Weekly Recap – Thankful


So this past week was pretty awesome and chill.

Due to Thanksgiving, I had most of the week to myself, which has led to a lot of reflection and decompression. Both of which I think were greatly needed.

I was able to spend Thanksgiving with Frank and his family. With all of my down time I was able to reflect and figure out some of the emotional baggage I need to sort through.

I identified where some of my hang ups are with life and my feeling of disconnection and isolation.

So I feel on a spiritual level I have made progress to become a cleaner, healthier me.

I still need to map out my goals for the next few years so I have a road map. I feel that I’ve been putting that off for a while now. About a week. It has been a reoccurring task on my to-do list, so it is starting to weigh on me.

Once it is done I know I will feel better about it.

I was able to finish two books this week, which completed a book series for me. The first one I have finished in five years; since I moved down to Florida for school. it’s sort of sad realizing that.

I used to read five books a month when I lived at home. Reading was like breathing for me. I’m glad that I have been taking the time to read… listen (stupid audio books making things confusing) to books again.

I like how I can cross stitch and read at the same time. It lets me indulge both of my passions, instead of having to pick between one or the other.

I still haven’t heard anything back from Jarrett or Mr. D about paying the balances for the Internet and power accounts. Jarrett messaged me asking if Mr. had messaged me. I replied with both of them haven’t told me anything, and that I was sort of in the dark. If they could let me know what was going on it would be appreciated.

Of course I got no response to that. So frustrating. But I am used to it now. It is water, and I will let it roll off of me.

I got to talk to my mom, and she helped me figure out a lot of my emotional / mental hang ups… Because that’s a mom super power.

I got Seth’s heat lamp, finally, figured out. He’s basking under it being all snake like. ❤

I got a few new shirts for the winter season.

I actually ran into Tyrone, one of the instructors that I got a card for the other night. He gave me a big hug and said that he super appreciated his card. I’m glad that it made him happy.

I also wrote a few posts for the daily prompts. I like most of them. They make you stop and think about things you normally wouldn’t, which I guess is the whole point.

All in all, not a super crazy week.

I feel I made more progress internally than in my external world, but I think I needed that. Not all of it was fun, but I’m thankful for the time I was given to be reflective, and I’m thankful for this blog and the people in my life for helping me to figure myself out.

So another week survived with it’s own set of obstacles and achievements.

One more week and I’m on vacation for a month. : D


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