Post 0077: Win


Today has been good. I’m tried, but it’s from doing so well at the gym and from having a productive day.

It’s not the angsty tiredness from lack of sleep.

I went to the gym and completed a strength training workout on my phone. I use the Nike Training Club app every once in a while. It has some nice stuff on it.

I really aught to use it more than I do, and now that I am trying to add more strength into my routine I think I will be using it more often.

I decided to do something with a lot of floor work, so I wouldn’t irritate my ankle too much, which basically meant today was a leg day…

I swear. You would think that I’ve never walked a single day in my life…

Ok, it’s not that bad. But it was pretty intense. I’ve slacked off for so long on strength that I’m sort of surprised that I got all the way through it. I gave myself extra points for sticking it out for the whole time.

After I had recovered enough to move again I cooled down with some yoga. It was so nice to stretch everything out.

I remember when I couldn’t reach my ankles much less the floor. And now I can almost put my whole palm on the ground. I like how I can remember back to the beginning of this journey and how I can see the improvement that I’ve made.

By the time I was done with yoga it was pushing 1pm. I skipped out on the sauna so I could get showered and be to lunch on time. Before going to the sushi bar, though, I stopped by school to retrieve my mouse. Luckily it was still in the lab room.

Lunch was fantastic. It was so wonderful to see Tica and Anthony again. They are doing well, and about to start work on a new game. Anthony is switching from the Mobile Development degree to the Game Design Masters.

I may go running with them every once in a while.

They actually commented that they can see a difference in my form, so I guess the gym is paying off.

It was also the first time they have seen me since I shaved my head. Though there is about three months worth of growth, it is still super short compared to when it used to be past my shoulder blades.

I had to go through the story of how Sir and I broke up, and how the head shaving was a way for me to return to my roots so to speak. Return to me and the focus of righting myself.

While I was with them, Clavan called and asked if I could complete all of the project 1 grading by tomorrow morning. I was a little annoyed about that, but there were only 12 projects, and I am leaving my team for three weeks in the most hectic month of the year. So I agreed to do it without complaining.

Seth, David, and Clavan have been completely amazing to me, especially recently, so getting all of the grading sprung on me last minute is a small price to pay in my opinion.

Tica and Anthony had to get home around 3:30ish so I came back to the apartment and began work on the other podcasts I wanted to create. I have about 5 more that I want to do. All of them have been under five minutes so far. Which is perfect.

Bite sized videos that are clear cut and to the point. I hope Tony likes them and will replace the old ones with these.

I went into school for the SAL lab. I actually got all of the grading done during the lab, inbetween helping people and answering questions. Being able to complete something I wanted to do (the podcasts), and something that was a requirement (the grading), was nice. Productive on two fronts.

I’m super tired now, though.

I thought I would be able to keep going and working on stuff once I got home, but I doubt that’s going to happen since I can barely keep my eyes open enough to type.

So I guess I’ll call it a night for now.

And I’ll get to sleep a full night. No early morning wake ups for me here since David is taking the CRI1 lab again. No grouchy dragon. Huzzah.

I know that I wanted to write about more, but I can’t think of it. All I can think about is how lonely my bed is, and how it needs to be cuddled for a few hours. Hopefully the thoughts will come to me in the morning.

Until then though, goodnight world.


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