Post 0080: Satisfied


It makes me happy that a solid number like 80 will be a good post. A solid post.

Yesterday started out rough, but I am happy to report that once I was able to get through to myself things turned around.

I actually ate lunch, which was good. When I get down I have a habit of not eating. And with how much I have ben pushing at the gym not eating / drinking isn’t an option for me at the moment. My body needs the fuel more than ever.

I balanced my budget, paid bills. I went to the gym and jumped rope for 3 minutes. And trust me, jumping rope is not as easy as 4 year olds make it out to be.

It was an awesome warm up. I did strength training, focusing on my shoulders. Upper body is my nemesis and I normally skimp out on it. But not yesterday. I can feel tightness across my back from muscles that I rarely use. At least I haven’t found new ones to torment yet.

I even did yoga afterwards. The downward dogs kicked my ass since my arms were pretty shot, so I modified certain areas with child’s pose. But I made it through the whole session, so the gym was a win in my book.

By the time I was done it was 4:30pm. The banks were going to close soon, so I skipped the shower for the time being so I would be able to withdrawal the money I needed.

I figured if anyone as offended by sweat in Florida, then they’re in the wrong state.

I got all of the money I needed, and came home.

I put the rest of the rent money in an envelope and wrote, “For the best roommate ever!” across the front and put it on the fridge. I texted Joshua to let him now it was there, and said that January should be fine; that I would be able to pay the rent in full before the first.

The only reason this month got screwy is because rent is due on the 3rd and I got paid on the 5th. I was able to pay most of it, but still, it wasn’t a good feeling having to talk to Joshua about being short for a few days.

All of it is in the past now. Everything is caught up, next month looks to be on track, and Joshua was extremely understanding about the situation.

I put Sir’s money in an envelope, and Mom’s money stayed in my wallet. I showered got dressed, then headed back out into the world.

By this time I was feeling tired. Strength workouts do that to me. It’s a physical tired, so while my brain is still itching to go, my body is looking for something to curl up on. The couch, the bed, the floor, the asphalt of the road… you know, comfy places where I could just pass out.

I was determined though. I could rest fully when I got back home. But for now, I needed to do this one last adventure. It would be worth it I told myself. I could get through my to-do and feel so accomplished and awesome. Just a little longer.

So to the car I went. I stopped by the post office first to send off Sir’s letter.

On the way I realized that I was passing the mailboxes for my apartment complex, and that, honestly, it would be faster to use those. But I already had everything mapped out in my head.

I knew what I wanted to do, how I was going to do it, what it would look like, feel like to be successful and to complete my tasks.

Those mailboxes weren’t part of that vision.

Part of me wonders if others ever do the same thing. Especially other INFJs.

I can easily adapt my plans when needed. But there was no need for it yesterday. I was ok with going a slightly longer way because it meant less change. There was nothing wrong with the original, and the only one it was truly affecting was myself.

It was my time, and I was ok with not being as efficient as possible.

I would have had to get out of the car. I would have had to interact with the people there. I’ve only used the mailboxes at the apartment once before so I would be slightly awkward and feel out of place.

Or I could just keep going to the post office, drive up to the drop off box, and then keep going. No muss, no fuss.

So that’s what I did. With no need to be an efficiently Nazi, I mailed off Sir’s letter and sent him a text message saying it was on the way.

I stopped by the gas station for a couple of Gatoraids and got gas for the car.

I still had 100 miles left before I filled up. I’m doing really well with gas, and if I hadn’t had to go to the pet store four different times last week, I’m sure I would have had more.

Still, I only used $15 out of the $25 of my gas budget. I know this week I’m going to be spending over that due to the trip home. But it shouldn’t be that much more. I love my new car so much. ❤

With the car taken care of I went to my last stop, the laundry mat.

I still had about $8 left from last weeks laundry budget, plus the $10 that I added for this paycheck, so I’m also doing extremely well there. Once the wash was going I sat down to work on the September dragon.

I hadn’t figured out the boarder dimensions for it yet, so I did that first. It took a little bit of time, but since my class is focusing on Photoshop this month, I can definitely tell it took me way less time to do than it normally would have.

That made me smile. I’m getting better. Huzzah!

Once the boarder was set I went about stitching, and worked on that until everything was done.

I had planned on putting my cloths away once I got home. That was on the list at least. But I didn’t. Instead I loaded Catching Fire on my laptop and listened to about 3 ½ chapters while I continued to stitch.

I ate at some point during that time period. No blood and gore yet to make my appetite retreat.

Joshua got eggs at some point, so I had scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa. I’m still going to end up throwing some of it out. Maybe I’ll take it home with me instead and give it to my cousin, or Nasse. I hate throwing things away that can be used.

I wasn’t able to finish the boarder before going to sleep. But I’m over halfway done. Little more than a courter left to go. I will finish it today. With luck I’ll have the focus to fix Joey’s as well. We’ll see.

I was feeling a little down about not putting the cloths away yesterday. But then I realized it was probably a good thing. I’m just going to turn around and pack them later today anyway.

Procrastination to the rescue!

Oh, and I can’t wait to start heading home. I wish I could leave today. Not right now, since I haven’t done anything prep wise yet. But soon. Oh, so soon. Today is going to be nothing but anticipation.

Is work done yet? Are we free? Are we allowed to go? Are we there yet? My four year old is practically bouncing up and down inside me.

My Scientist rubs her forehead, knowing today will be a long day.

I plan to continue working on my Photoshop assignments and to complete the exam today, so it is done and submitted, school caught up and completed as much as possible before my trip home.

I figure if I devote four hours each day of my vacation to school I will be doing extremely well. And that will give me a break from all of the socializing. Maybe I can find a library or something within walking distance of my brother’s house. That would be nice I think.

Anyway. Since I don’t want to eat all of Joshua’s food (because four eggs is all of his food…) I think I’m still going to go out for breakfast like I had planned earlier in the week.

If I let my laptop charge fully I could do more tutorials after I eat if I like the atmosphere. If not, since it is Saturday the break room at school will be empty and I could set up shop there. Or in the finals lab room. Normally it is closed Saturday, unless a lab monitor has it open.

And even then, there’s normally only a handful of students in there. The hard workers. We may chat for a bit, but ultimately we all have the understanding that it’s not social hour, and I feel they would leave me be.

So while today is going to be tense, it’s a good tense. It’s a ready tense. Waiting for the gunshot so I can sprint to my destination.

It makes my heart beat faster just thinking about it.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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