Post 0082: Captain’s Log 001


It is one hour ‘til launch. The crew sits, watching, waiting, The vessel is prepped for our journey. The tension is thick. Hopes are high. Loved ones have wished us well on our mission. Now, all that is left is to begin. Freya out.

I really feel like Kirk right now. Sitting in the captain’s chair about to begin my epic mission. My journey home.

Yesterday was a super productive day.

I did have breakfast at Perkins, and I had an amazing waiter again. I got another corner booth, my waiter left me alone and was super kind to me. I had eggs and a waffle, which is a rareity for me. I actually don’t really care for super sweet things in the morning most of the time. But it was sooooo good. I regret nothing. : )

I worked on one of my assignments for a while. Eventually a family came in with a little girl and sat in the booth in front of me. I was fine until I started hearing the little girl through my headphones, shrieking.

I think it was meant to be laughter, but it was so loud and harsh that I ended up leaving rather than continuing to work. It wasn’t a good enviornent anymore. Which was fine. I had enjoyed the booth long enough to eat and make noticeable progress. I didn’t mind moving on.

I came back home and watched the next set of podcasts, then rested for a little bit, knowing I would be up late tonight for work.

When I got up I hardcore cleaned the apartment, preparing for my trip home. I packed most everything into the car as well, so I wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting something.

I went into work, and completed my Exam 2 assignment. I messed up on of the beginning steps and had to redo a little bit of work, which caused me to stay a little later, but I got it done 100% right, and submitted it, so I have nothing to worry about until Wednesday.

I was pretty tired by then.

I had been hoping to start home after work, but I knew that I wasn’t going to make it very far, and that it was better to sleep for a few hours and get a start in the morning.

So that’s what I did.

I woke up around 6:30, just when the sunlight was beginning to kiss the earth. I showered, texted my mom and Sammie to let them know I was up and about to head out.

I decided to swing by school first before leaving Orlando, though.

There was a card for Bill, our Education Director. Basically my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss. Yeah… he’s a big dog. But super nice and friendly, so I wanted to sign the card, even though he most likely has no idea who I am.

I also wanted to print out a letter for Joshua. I feel bad that I’m not going to be here for his graduation. The least I could do is have a card for him to open on such a special day.

I used the trip to school as an excuse to stop by Publix. I picked up two papers for my mom so she can have even more coupons, and I got breakfast while I was there as well.

Right now I’m sitting in the breakroom, typing this out before I head home. I am aiming to be on the road by nine, which will put me home around 3. I think that’s a good game plan.

I’m sure there’s more I could write about, but for now I’m content with just a brief summary of yesterday.

This is it. Finally, after months of waiting, I’m going home.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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