Post 0086: Trip Update


This morning has been relaxing. Lots of noise, but in general it is calm here.

I forgot how much sound there can be when you are living with people. How the TV is on, how my nephew runs around the house with his toys, how people are always talking, or walking around.

So much sound. So much life.

It’s not bad. At least I don’t think it is. Maybe in a few days I will grow tired of it. But I don’t think so. I think I need to re-acclimate to it.

Joshua and I are both so introverted. We come out into the kitchen when we need food, then go back to our rooms, which are on opposite sides of the apartment. We hardly know when either of us are home.

I just need some time to adjust and I think I will be fine.

I read through all of my posts for the past week. Talk about a roller coaster. I’m happy to report that I am doing well this morning.

I’ve missed my vitamin for the past three days, but I’m not even going to waste energy on caring about it right now. I am not making to-do lists while I am here with family, aside what I need to do to pass my class.

We had a turducken for dinner last night, and it was actually amazing. So much so that I want to get one when I get back home to Florida. I could cook it and then freeze the leftovers, since it’s supposed to feed a group.

My ankle is doing so much better. Doesn’t hurt at all now.

In fact Lio, my sister in law, and I went to her YMCA to work out. We did some kickboxing class. It was super intense and amazing. I loved it.

We have plans to go to a zumba class later this evening. I was worried that I wouldn’t be recovered enough to survive it, but I feel up for it now that I have been awake for a little while.

I’m supposed to go shopping for a new outfit for the family photos on Friday. Not all that happy about having to do that, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Lio is also letting me go through a lot of her cloths since she no longer fits into them. She’s super into fashion, so her tops and pants are really nice. So far a lot of it fits me, but I still have stuff to go through.

John is having to install the new OS for the Mac. We were going to play World of Warcraft last night, but the current OS on it doesn’t support WoW. So that’s been going most of this morning.

I suppose I should go for now. Shower, dress, get ready for torture… I mean shopping… Tomato potato right?

Not a lot else has happened. I feel better. Still a little on the low side energy wise, but emotionally I am feeling better and more solid. I can feel the ground beneath me again, and I’m working on standing back up. Stronger than ever.


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