Post 0087: Daily Prompt – All or Nothing?


“Which do you find more dangerous:
wanting nothing, or wanting everything?”

This one takes some thought, but I feel than wanting everything is worse and wanting nothing.

With ‘wanting nothing’ you run the risk of being seen as apathetic and uncaring. But it could also be that you are selfless, and truly do not seek anything in return for your actions or energy. That fulfillment comes from the act of giving, and nothing is required in return, so you literally want, or expect, nothing.

Wanting everything can be seen as a good thing, and in some areas it is. Loyalty, devotion, love. I can see where people would think that having someone 100% would be a good thing.

But for me I don’t think it is. And part of that may be insecurities that I need to continue to work through.

In my mind, if you want everything from someone, and they’re not ready for that level, then you will be unsatisfied with what they are willing to give. If you want everything you can drive away people with expectations, standards, or even demands that they are unwilling, or unable to meet.

It is very thought provoking. And I suppose I may be looking at this question differently than most people. I am in the process of moving past some hard relationships where this very issue was the focal point of the break up.

I also tend to be more focused around human interactions and relationships so I’m not really thinking of the question in terms of life goals, career paths, or bucket lists.

When you are interacting with people I feel it is best to compromise.

If you are expecting the world, I feel you are setting the other person up for failure. It is easier to start with ‘nothing’ and to work forward in small steps, slowly building a lasting, stable system of interaction which works for both people, rather than starting out expecting everything, and then trying to work your way back down.

The latter causes negative experiences and can lead to resentment and hurt feelings, which on its own can be hard to recover from, and in some cases be detrimental to the relationship.

If you expect nothing, people are more willing to give because it isn’t a requirement. It becomes a gift. And the more someone realizes their gifts are cherished, appreciated, and valued, the more willing they are to give.

At least at the moment those are my thoughts on the topic.

Like I said, thought provoking. I will most likely be rolling this around in my mind for a while.


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