Post 0088: I’m an Elf!


Today was pretty awesome. No joke, a super fantastic day.

I was sore from the kickboxing class my sister in law and I went to yesterday. Since I call her my sister in real life, that is how I’m most likely going to refer to her from now on in my blogs.

Really part of it has to do with the fact that I’m human (read lazy), and sister in law is a lot to type out. #firstworldproblems.

My nephew had Christmas pictures he had to go take, so my mom and Lio went and did that while John and Nathan, John’s husband, fiddled around with one of the computers.

Forever ago it seems, I wrote about how I am selling one of my Macbooks to John. We were trying to get World of Warcraft installed, but I have an older OS that laptop. So we had to update that before we could install the game.

Nathan, John, and I are rolling characters on a new server, and planning to level together. Gah, so many characters >.< ;

At least these guys are alliance so I can do whatever cross server thing WoW has now and still play with Frank and Natalie.

Anywho, while that was going on mom and Lio went shopping, which left us 3 and Jason at the house.

We ended up deciding to go to the gun range for archery. Which is a story in itself.

Before the trip we all had been sending emails back and forth, trying to plan out different things we would do while the family was together.

I said that I super wanted to go hiking again, and the guys wanted to go to the gun range. I said I wouldn’t mind the gun range if there was something like archery, but that I’m not a big gun person, and would rather not go with them, but that they could totally go with out me. No hard feelings.

My older brother said that they didn’t do archery, so that was sort of out of the picture and that I would have to look else where to fulfill my dreams of being Legolas.

Well, I guess he was pretty interested in the idea, because he looked further into it. Come to find out, they do rent out bows and arrows.

So, today, I can proudly say that I have earned my elf ears, and have found an amazing new hobby that I will continue to pursue when I get back to Orlando.

Archery was so much fun. I’m not saying that I was an amazing shot or anything, though I feel I did do pretty well for my first time. I hit the target every time, and I was getting better at grouping the arrows together by the time we left.

It felt natural. It felt freeing, especially once I got the hang of the motion and moved past my self-consciousness of never having held a bow before.

We shot for a while, and then came back home.

Lio and I were supposed to go to a zumba class, but it got canceled last minute due to the instructor being sick.

I went running with John instead, and that was pretty intense.

He was saying how I wouldn’t hold him up or anything. That he hadn’t run in a while, so he would be fine with going my pace.

That’s so not how it went down.

Mr. Army Strong totally kicked my ass at running. Though he did push me to a more intense level than what I would have done on my own. I really liked it even though I disliked it at the time. My shins were pissed at me. But overall I feel good.

I can feel soreness through my shoulders from the class yesterday, and the archery today. With everything that I have been doing it would be awesome if I continued to lose during the holiday season rather than maintaining / gaining.

After eating dinner we ended up playing a game of Buzz Word, which was a lot of fun. I love seeing how many phrases I’m able to figure out. A lot of the times I surprise myself with how well I do.

We also played a round of Cards Against Humanity, which only reaffirms the fact that if there is a Hell I have a front row seat for the trip.

Actually I only got two black cards the whole game, Nathan had four, John and Lio both had 8, and Jason won with 10.

So I suppose out of all of us, I’m the least messed up.

Either way, it was a lot of fun.

I found out I made a 96 on my exam for last week. And I have a 96 in the class so far, while the average is an 88. So I’m feeling pretty good in that area.

Tomorrow I will most likely work more on my main project for the class. There’s also the tutorials I need to get through, some extra material, and exam 3. It seems like a lot, but I don’t think it will be that bad.

I’ve stitched a little bit since I’ve been here, but not a whole lot. I also think I’m not going to be able to make it out to LA, which will sort of bum me out. I was hoping to see some of my friends while I’m so close to them.

We’ll see how things play out on that front.

That’s about it for now though. Archery down, falconry to go. : D


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