Post 0096: Daily Prompt – In Due Time


 “What’s your next, most pressing deadline? Are you excited, stressed, or ambivalent about it? What’s the first thing you’d like to do once you’re done with it?”

In my immediate life, I suppose my next pressing deadline would be doing the chores my mom wants done before leaving to go back to Orlando, but I don’t really count those.

Of even on a more detailed level, messaging Warren to make sure we will be meeting tonight.

Those are minor, small things which can easily be accomplished. Things like going through the cook books, helping my mom get the car fixed. Things that, really, with just being here, are going to take care of themselves.

There isn’t much else to do than let time pass. No effort, or very little, is required on my part.

The next major thing I feel I need to put effort into, MY next pressing deadline, I would have to say would be making sure I am prepared to start moving forward on my goals for next year.

I have the next six months fairly mapped out. I just need to make sure that I clear the ground level of all my loose end tasks before setting my sights on the next mountain I am about to climb.

Though honestly I can’t really start doing that until I am back in Orlando, in my own environment, preparing to set myself up for success. Having the kitchen stocked and cleaned so when work starts again I have my foundation laid out for cooking, getting the new schedules for the gym so I am able to pick the classes I want to take during my weeks, getting papers and such lined up for the meetings I want to begin once the New Year rolls in.

I have this week to purely enjoy existing. I have no work or school to contend with this week. It is solely for mediation and reflection.

Once I am back in Florida I will have another week before work truly starts. A week of admin hours, no labs or classes. A week to get back into my routines, and then to hit the ground running with my goals in the forefront.

I am looking forward to it. I am excited. And with excitement there is a bit of anxiety. A small droplet of fear. A cool, inky black swirl in the center of the all the emotions.

Will I make it? Will I do well? Will I reach my marks or fall short? Will it be hard? Will it be worth it? Will other people be proud of me? Will I be proud of myself? Will I be happy? Is this really what I want, where I really want to go?

All of these questions that deserve answers, but I am no prophet. I cannot tell if I will enjoy the journey or if I well reach the top of my mountain. Of even if I do get there if I will like the view.

All I can do is try. From where I stand right now, it seems worthwhile. It seems like a challenge and a good investment of my time. So I will prepare my mind, body, and soul for this new challenge.

And hopefully, once I am successful, I will be able to add the corresponding pieces of armor to my body. My tattoos that my skin aches for.

Those will be my rewards for attaining my goals. Acknowledging my betterment by making myself more whole.


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