Daily Post 0105: An Amazing Christmas


I went to sleep around 5am this morning. Which meant I woke up around 11, and decided that the best thing to do with today was to go back to sleep around 12 and sleep until 4pm.

It was an amazing day.

Not having to be anywhere or do anything. Being 100% able to go back to sleep guilt free and know that it didn’t matter when I woke up, or what I did after I did crawl out from under the covers.

I messaged so many people today. x.x

A while ago, out of curiosity, I checked how many ‘friends’ I had on Facebook.

I don’t accept, or send, a friend request unless I seriously consider someone a friend.

Well… According to Facebook, I have something in the ballpark of 200…

I stared at the number for a while. Someone really needed to talk to the Facebook devs, because there was no way that I had 200 friends.

Me. Miss Introvert. 50 would be pushing it. 200 was just sick. Either the number was wrong or I had a lot of people that I didn’t know about on my friends list and I needed to do some hardcore deleting.

But as I started scrolling through the list of names I realized that, wow, I really did know every single person, and that they were in some way important to me.

Maybe it’s from being a teacher, and having all of those memories of helping out on projects, the freak outs of files corrupting, or listening when they were having issues with roommates or significant others.

I remember the hard conversations of them trying to figure themselves out. Was this degree the right choice for them? Where they doing the right thing with their life?

Parents being unsupportive, health issues with family members. Being late to school because of car trouble.

All of those 200+ people are important to me because they are individuals and I know them.

So I had to send a billion (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly… but not by much… >.> ) messages today. But it was so nice getting replies from each and every person. They all asked how I was doing, and they hoped I was able to get time off. They asked about how my classes were going, and if I got to see my brother.

There was so much warmth and love from everyone. It was such a good day.

I had messages from all of my family members, including my dad.

I had a voice message from my Mother Earth, which totally made me melt inside. ❤

Both Warrens messaged me, and Warren #1 was kind enough to ask if I was feeling better. I let him know that I was feeling better both health wise (totally 100% not sick anymore! Huzzah!) and internally; that the imbalance from my birthday was gone.

I messaged Sir, saying that I hoped he didn’t mind me messaging him, but that I wanted to wish him a Merry Christmas, and that I hoped he was having a good day.

I worried about messaging him. I don’t hate him. I still care and hope only for the best for him, and if he were any other person in my life other than an ex I wouldn’t think twice about wishing him well.

The thought of not messaging him felt wrong. Like I would be singling him out or punishing him for having been close to me.

We had issues in our relationship, and we both have issues internally, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be wished a happy holiday.

So I messaged him, and he replied by saying it was very sweet of me to send the message, and that he hoped I was having a good day. He said he hoped that I was doing well. He even wished me a belated happy birthday and that he hadn’t known if sending a message on the 20th would have been ok, so he had opted for silence instead.

I said that it really meant a lot, and thank you for the warm thoughts. And that was it.

No, “I miss you.” No awkward, “We should hang out when you’re back in town.”

Just a simple exchange of, “I don’t hate you, and I hope you have a good day.”

I even messaged Nathan, John’s soon to be ex. I don’t hate him either. I’m not upset or angry that things didn’t work out between him and John. He’s still a person, and I still wanted him to know that I hoped he was having a good day.

So overall, a really, really warm day filled with love and solitude.

I worked on my nephew’s gift. I’m roughly halfway through it, and may be working on it more after I finish here. Not 100% committed to that though. I honestly might to back to sleep.

I started listening to Eragon. I have actually already read this book, but I never made it through Eldest, even though I really wanted to. Since it has been so long since I read the first book, I am listening to it while I stitch so I can listen to the rest of the series. Guess Game of Thrones will happen later.

Jason called around 7:30 to see if mom was home so he could wish her Merry Christmas. Sadly, only I was here, so he was stuck talking me to. : )

We chatted for a bit, and I told him I would let mom know that he called. Not 10 minutes later mom came through the door. XD

It’s awesome how life works like that sometimes.

I ended up making mom and I dinner. Pasta with hot Italian sausage and pasta sauce, with some garlic cheese toast on the side. I wish I had been able to make a small side salad to go with it.

The lack of veggies and fruit over the past three weeks is starting to drive me crazy.

I’m leaving for home Saturday though, so tomorrow is my prep day. Wash all my cloths, make sure I have everything packed up, that I have done all the chores that mom wanted. Things like that.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and the ground will be dry enough to rake the yard before I leave.

The only thing I have going on tomorrow is meeting Joey around 8:30 to meet Katy. I would like to see Nasse one last time before I leave. And I still haven’t met up with Mandie yet. I would really like for that to happen, but I’m honestly not sure if it will. Slightly bummed about that thought. : /

Not a whole lot else has happened today. Super, super low key.

I’m off to go be anti-productive and a total slacker. /whoosh : D


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