Post 0110: The Power of a Phone Call


So I just got done having a three-hour conversation with Mother Earth.

That was after I ran myself into the ground at the gym, which, by the way, didn’t help me regain my feeling of peace.

10 miles worth of biking, and a little over a ½ mile of running.

So this day hasn’t been what I really was expecting, and that’s after the most frustrating car ride ever yesterday.

Normally traveling home takes roughly 6 hours for me. An hour and a half of that is spent in South Carolina.

Yesterday it took me 3 ish hours to get to the Georgia boarder. I about flipped shit. No joke. I was so frustrated with the whole situation I wanted to cry.

It’s frustrating how super strong emotions manifest themselves as tears for me. I could be super, ridiculously happy, or completely blind with fury, and in both situations I would most likely have tears running down my face.


Anyway, I actually had to call my mom and talk to her about how I was STILL in SC and how leaving on the Sunday after Christmas was the worst idea I had ever had. How I should have stayed and continued to help her with the stuff in the attic, how we could have cleaned up the shed together.

Instead I wasn’t going to get home until 11pm, if I was lucky. I was so angry.

Once I reached Georgia traffic cleared up and the rest of the trip wasn’t bad. But it was still way longer than what I was expecting, and on top of the BS of the work being done to the apartment, the morning wasn’t off to a good start.

Joshua left a bunch of stuff in the fridge that had spoiled. Instead of dealing with it last night, I cleaned it out this morning. The fridge was pretty empty until I went to the store. Totally proud that I actually went out and did that.

I think I should mention that I don’t mind that stuff was left in the fridge and that none of my feelings are directed at Joshua. He’s actually been helping to keep my mood afloat today. I had a few questions for him when I first got back to the apartment, so we’ve been texting back and forth a bit.

For a while I thought about just staying at home instead of going to the store. I had gone to the gym and come back. I didn’t really want to have to go back out. But it was something I had hardcore wanted to get done today, so I went out and did it.

Go me. I deserve a high five or something.

I really don’t know where I’m going with this post since it’s already 3am. I’m more tired than anything at the moment.

I was able to talk through some of my more recent events through the conversation with Mother Earth. There are still some things to deal with, but overall I have a better understanding of what I am feeling for the key events of my vacation.

I know I will write about them, but right now, I’m thinking I’m going to curl up with Scarlet and tomorrow can be an epic post. Starting from hanging out with Allison all they way to my phone conversation tonight.

Before I leave though, I will say that I feel better. More at peace.

We’ll see how long that lasts when the hammers start at 8am.

Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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