Daily Post 0004: Somewhat Rested


I am glad to report that I was able to get to sleep eventually after posting last night.

Joshua and Susan came home around 8 in the morning. I didn’t crawl out of bed until about 9, which meant that I missed the yoga class I wanted to take. And since it’s 9:30 right now I’m not going to make the spin class. Though there may be other classes in a different location I can still catch.

I suppose I’ll look into that once I’m stop procrastinating.

Currently I am enjoying a cup of coffee as I slowly warm up to the day.

Another positive worth noting. I have been extremely diligent with taking my vitamin pill. I still am not sure if that contributes to my energy dips, but since I haven’t experienced one yet, and I’ve been taking the vitamin consistently, I’m more inclined to think it does.

Even though last night was rough, sleep wise, I feel fairly rested now. At least rested enough to not be a grouchy dragon and to be looking forward to the day.

Joshua came out of his room when he heard me putting around in the kitchen. We had a good conversation about our breaks and the things we did. He told me about his trip back and how one of his flights was delayed.

The code for our apartment gate stopped working, so I have been using the gate card to get in and out of the complex during the evenings. I told Joshua about this, since to get a new card would be $50, and neither of us sees a point in spending that money when we’re leaving in 3 months.

He said he would go to the office and see why our code no longer works for me. Since I’m not on the lease I wouldn’t have been able to do it my self. I super appreciate how helpful he has been with the living arrangement. He really has been one of the best roommates I’ve had.

He was curious about why I was selling the furniture, which I suppose could be weird to most people. But since I have had to move literally every six months in the past couple of years, 3 months hardly seems like any time at all for me.

Hell… I’ve only been seriously blogging on here for about 4 months…

I explained that I like having things organized and in order well before things need to be taken care of. How right now, I have the time, energy, and resources to get most things situated, while I might not later when the lease is closer to being over.

Who knows what my schedule will be like, or what my online class will require of me.

It is easier to start it now than to wait. So that’s what I did.

Because of that we will most likely be keeping Joshua’s couch in the living room rather than getting rid of it. That way there is still something I can nest on in the evening while I stitch and such.

As for today…

I plan to go to the apartment office to talk to Kari about the situation with Jarrett. That will most likely be after the gym.

Or maybe I should do it before hand, so if there is any sort of frustration involved I can do something to get rid of it.

I need to grocery shop for this week as well. Checking my online class would be a good thing. And I have a dinner meeting with Nichole to discuss freelance work.

She has questions and in general wants to gather information about it.

Because the dinner is ‘work’ related we can both use it when we file our taxes.

So that’s at 5pm. I’ll be on admin time until 1am. So really, my day is fairly free. At least it feels like it will be.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it pans out.


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