Daily Post 0006: 2015 – Onwards and Upwards


Each year I create a note on Facebook, defining certain goals I want to reach as a way of holding myself accountable. If my goals are public knowledge then I feel more drive to achieve them.

Because my blog has become a corner stone for me, I feel it is appropriate to post here as well.

So here’s to 2015. May it be bright and adventurous.


So, once again it is a new year and I am left looking back at everything I have and have not accomplished in 2014.

All of the trials and tribulations I knowingly and unknowingly subjected myself to. All of the goals, ambitions, challenges, obstacles, sleepless nights, and coffee filled mornings.

Somehow through the twisting and turning of plans catching on fire and life throwing curve balls I have ended up here, today. Rested, confident, feeling strong and stable. Capable of handling this new year, and looking forward to the stretch of craziness, the ‘new adventure’, that awaits me.

Through everything that I faced last year, everything from work, to personal, to in the end, schooling, I learned and gained much, and though not all of my times were fun or pleasant I feel I am a better person for having gone through the situations I did.

I hope to make this year fantastic by moving forward on several fronts which have been stagnating recently. And I can think of no better place than Facebook (and my blog : D ) to make this announcement public and to hold myself accountable.

Below is a list of the goals I have set for myself over the course of the next six months. In July, around summer break, I will be assessing where I am in relation to where I had hoped to be. In many ways it will be like giving myself a progress report.

Some of these goals are work related, while others are personal.All are extremely important to me.

Complete four rigs / create updated demo reel
Revamp RigBox Reborn scripts / complete script series
Run a solid mile
Read one work related book per month (min)
Watch one movie per month (min)
Complete one cross stitch per month (min)
Create one podcast per month (min)
Get gauntlet tattoos

Thank you, all of you, for being my motivation and for making me push myself to be a better person. You’re all fantastic and I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if it wasn’t for your support and kindness.


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