Weekly Saga 0001: Slacker McSlackerson



I haven’t done a weekly saga in three weeks…

How did I let that slip for so long?

The last recap I did was when I had just gotten back from Vegas.

In-between the last recap and this one, post 99 and post 132, I:

  • Turned 26
  • Reevaluated my relationship with Warren #1
  • Had Christmas
  • Finished the Hunger Games / Started Inheritance
  • Met James
  • Suffered through the most aggravating car ride home
  • Rang in 2015
  • Had another run in with Ari
  • Dealt with frustration with Jarrett
  • Finished paying off the credit card with Warren #2
  • Listed my goals for the next six months
  • Began a new class – Design and Art Theory
  • Started back at work
  • Started work on a rig
  • Revamped RigBox Reborn – Layout Tool
  • Hosted PCC Critiques
  • Had a heart to heart with Joshua about the apartment
  • Looked at the room Monica wants to rent out
  • Continued kicking ass and taking names at the gym
  • Signed a contract with Fredenator

These past weeks have been awesome. It was something my mom and I actually talked about this evening; how things feel like they are going so much better. How there isn’t a cloud of depression and sadness, apathy, hanging over me, and because of that I have the energy to actually ‘do’ things.

I’ve basically doubled my writing by becoming interested in the daily prompts. I don’t do all of them, but I do enough to keep me busy. I also was able to complete several of my cross stitch projects while on holiday break, which also added to my post count.

I’m really happy with my progress in everything, though. Work, life, school, the gym.

I don’t get on the scale much, but I did earlier this week and I’m actually down five pounds. So it’s not just pant sizes, the scale is reflecting the change, too.

Lots of positive vibes.

And on that high note I’m going to go cuddle with Scarlet and cross stitch before getting some much deserved sleep.

Daily Prompts

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