Daily Post 0015: All Done


So I went through not one, but two, to-do lists today. Go me, being a bawce and stuff.

I originally woke up at 8 this morning, but I was still super tired. I wasn’t ready to be awake. So I went back to sleep until around 9:30, though I didn’t get out of bed until about 10:30.

I don’t know why, but my morning was super slow. I was so tired. At first I was worried that it would be a low energy day and that I wouldn’t get anything taken care of.

I started of by having my coffee while poking around at WordPress. I cooked eggs and bacon so the meat wouldn’t go bad. I cross stitched for a little bit, too.

Eventually I ironed my nephew’s cross stitch so I could mount it and put it in the mail since that is something I’ve wanted to do since I’ve gotten back from holiday break.

Before I could mail it I needed to run to school to cut the mounting board so it could be framed. One of the art rooms has a matte cutter, which is one of the coolest things ever by the way.

No cardboard shall ever stand against my might. Muahahahaha!

Pardon me while my crazy artist side hijacks the keyboard…

So yeah, death and destruction aside, I was able to easily cut the mounting board to the size that I needed. I got to see Cameron while I was in the art room, too, which was awesome. He was one of the coolest instructors while I was going through the program, and he’s been nothing but kind and supportive of my endeavors as an employee.

It always makes me smile when I get a chance to chat with him, which, since we’re in different departments, isn’t very often.

Once the cross stitch was set I ran to the store to get a birthday card then off to the post office to get it in the mail.

I stopped by Publix before going back home to get dish srubbies and a sushi lunch.

Normally I would have gotten the sushi last night while I was doing grocery shopping, my treat for interacting with people on my day off. But I didn’t go to Publix last night.

Instead, I went to a new Walmart Market that just opened near school. I was curious if it would fit into my routine better, and if I would get a better selection / price.

It has its pros and cons, but I think overall I’m going to stick with Publix. I get a better selection of shakes and protein bars, plus my sushi. The Walmart isn’t as convenient to get to either, so I’ll just keep it in mind for the 2am shopping adventures that I have to do after lab sometimes.

After I came home I partook of the awesomeness that is sushi and reevaluated my day.

There was the spin class at 6 that I could catch, which left me with about three hours to kill. Totally enough time to get my podcast done and at least start the upload process.

So that’s what I did. Giant to-do off my list.

While the videos were in the uploading process I poked around WordPress again before taking off to the gym.

This week is the make or break week.

It’s something that I have noticed in the past. A pattern.

I do really well. And then life starts happening. Work schedule gets crazy, something happens to make me feel down, I slack off… Any number of things.

It’s usually the third week after I start hardcore pushing myself. If I’m going to slip up, this is the week that it’s going to happen.

I’m aware of it. Conscious of my habits.

I don’t want to mess up. And I’m worried I will.

It was dark by the time 5:40 rolled around. On top of that it was raining. And not just rain, but heavy, cold, winter rain.

I almost didn’t go to the gym. But I knew to keep an eye out for ‘thrid week-itus’, and that if I didn’t I would be kicking myself for it later.

Not only would I be too wired to sleep well, but there really wasn’t a reason for to not to go. It was just weather. That wasn’t an excuse in my book. If I didn’t go my brain was going to find the sharpest stick it could and poke at me, relentlessly.

So I changed and actually went to the class.

I’m not sure why spin classes don’t give me anxiety like other ones do. Maybe it’s because there’s no equipment that I have to figure out. What do I need? Where am I supposed to be? Oh, that’s someone’s spot? My bad…

Yoga gives me a bit of anxiety too, but not as much as the strength classes.

With spin I’m totally fine. I go upstairs to the bike loft, I find a free bike, and then I ignore everyone except the instructor. Seriously, I could care less about who is around me.

And maybe that’s really harsh and unkind of me. But when I’m at the gym I’m in total ‘me time’ mode. The only time I don’t have my headphones in is when I’m in a class. Even in the sauna (since it’s a dry sauna) I’ll have my music playing.

The only things that matter while I’m at the gym are me, my body, and my intentions.

The frustration of work, school, life, it just melts away. I might use that frustration to dig deeper, push harder, but the workout itself is an outlet for negativity. It gives those feelings a way to escape.

I’ve wanted to start going to classes more because I push myself harder with an instructor than I do on my own. The only down side is fighting through the anxiety of the first few classes and getting back into the routine.

My brain, again, bastard that it is, nags at me. You haven’t been in so long. People will wonder why you’re bothering to come back. You won’t be as good as the people around you. You won’t know the routines.

Yeah, brain. Thanks… I really don’t need you to make this worse for me…

So small steps. I’ll start with spin since I’m comfortable there. And that’s what I did.

Terry was teaching the class, which was even better. She’s super nice and friendly and always remembers me.

I did 8.5 miles on a higher gear than normal. My quads weren’t happy with me afterwards, but stretching helped and I was able to walk, not hobble, down the stairs and out to my car. Though getting to my car was more like swimming since it was still raining pretty hard when I left.

I came back home, finished off uploading the videos to Vimeo and YouTube, which left me some time to kill before going into work… So back to WordPress I went.

I guess WordPress is now my Facebook… The thing I go to to fill the void.

One of the tags I follow is INFJ since that’s my personality type. I found several new blogs to follow today, which was pretty cool. One of them actually lives in my home state.

I eventually was able to extract myself from the computer screen to shower and pack up for work. Before I left I jotted down another to-do list of things I wanted to get done during the SAL lab.

So once I got on campus I checked out a recipe for baked garlic chicken. I wasn’t sure if I needed anything from the store, so I wanted to double check the ingredients real fast.

I messaged my older brother about the gift for Jace so he can be looking for it in the mail.

I posted the script I made to Creative Crash with a ‘read me’ final containing instructions. Currently the script is waiting approval, which could take up to 48 hours.

I went ahead and updated my website with the new video, so that project is legit done once the files are green lit.

I made a quick post on WordPress (I swear I don’t have an addiction problem… not that the first stage in denial or anything…) with an image of the interface. Since it’s a visual thing that I created I added it to my Dragon’s Horde to go along with my artwork and cross-stitchings.

I updated RunKeeper with my workout. I’m already at 46.7 miles between biking, rowing, running, and the elliptical. I’m feeling good about that.

After all of that was done I checked my work email, which had several things I needed to take care of. From there I went through my personal email.

A former student had sent me an email earlier in the day letting me know that he had just gotten a job, and that today had actually been his first day. He wanted to thank me for all of the help I gave him while going through school, and that he was sure one of the reasons he was able to get the job at all was because of my support.

It’s emails, cards, messages, little notes scribbled in my notebook when left unattended, like that that make me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile with my life. That make me love my job.

I helped someone feel accomplished. I helped him get to where he wanted to be. And that makes me feel good.

I went through the content from Frederator. I’m still waiting on most of the content for making my YouTube channel awesome, but there were some things that I could go through and do tonight. So I did.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the rest of the information tomorrow.

After that I got to work on my new assignments for this week.

We had to post our work from last week onto discussion boards so our classmates can critique our work. I went ahead and did that so it’s over and done with.

I didn’t have any sketching stuff with me so I couldn’t do the Perspective assignments, but that’s on the list for tomorrow. And the Composition and Balance assignment was going to be a bit more involved, so I didn’t want to start that when lab was getting ready to end.

So all in all today was pretty awesome.

I still have a few chores I need to do before calling it quits, but the dishes are done, I’ve eaten, and my post for the day is done.

I feel I can rest knowing that everything is taken care of and that it’s the end of another pretty awesome day.


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