Daily Post 0020: The Start of a Busy Day



I suppose today is off to a good enough start.

Got to sleep around 3 ish. Woke up at 8:30 rested.

I kicked the idea of going to a spin class around, but opted to stay in bed with Scarlet instead.

I’ve just had breakfast, already took my vitamin, and currently am working on finishing off my coffee.

I have to shower in about 40 minutes to get to work on time for my meeting with Ari.

I’m going to begin work on my Illustrator assignment in the little bit of time that I have right now. Hopefully that will ease things later.

I had a text message from Mandie saying Travis can’t wait to see Seth. So that’s reassuring.

There was also an email from a person on Vimeo extending an invitation to participate in an international contest for Red Robin. The submission date is February 11th though, and with the freelance I’ve just picked up there’s no way I would be able to complete something by that date.

I mean, come on… work, school, freelance, gym, life, sleep…

I really don’t have anything else I can sacrifice time on and still be happy with myself.

Or more importantly… sane… though I’m not sure if I’m really sane right now, so maybe that one is a moot point…

I’m content with the projects I have going on, so I emailed the person back saying thank you for considering me, but unfortunately I can’t participate this time ‘round. Maybe next time.

And so far that is my morning. I’m hoping it flows smoothly from one event to the next, rather than turning into a disaster of jumping from fire to fire.


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