Dragon Dreams 0002: Yearly Review


I don’t remember details of this dream. But I do remember that it was about my yearly review coming up.

Last night while I was in the Shading and Lighting lab I filled out a form needed for the review.

Basically it had me list out my responsibilities for the class, different events participated in during the year to show community involvement, and things that I did to improve as an artist.

I think of it as busy work, to be honest.

Well I finished filling it out and sent it to Clavan so he could fill out his portion.

In my dream I got an email back from Clavan saying that it had been filled out wrong.

I think there were feelings of embarrassment for having made a mistake, anger that something so trivial had to be done in the first place. And worry that my mistake would reflect poorly on me.

That’s all I remember.


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