Prompt Pages 0012: Pleased To Meet You


 “Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along?”

Stuff like this frustrates me.

It’s like some of the conversations guys I hang out with have every once in a while. And even then, with people I know and respect, I roll my eyes and try to extract myself from the situation quickly so as not to show my aggravation.

“If Superman and Batman fought, who would win?”

Can you find a bigger waste of time and intelligence?

Wait… on second thought, don’t answer that. I don’t want you to think of that as a challenge…

 They’re fictional characters, so you can make whatever story you want. There doesn’t have to be logic or reason. It’s fake.

Superman is an alien so he shouldn’t count to begin with.

I like my books and stories to stay separate, contained in their own worlds, not merging together and bleeding all over each other.

That’s messing with the original idea of the author, which, in my mind, writing is just another form of art.

I’m not going to go up to someone else’s picture and start painting the sky a sunset pink because I don’t like the blue they used.

That’s rude, inconsiderate, and bastardizing the original idea. In a way it’s almost spiting in their face.

“I don’t like your idea so I’m going to change it to what I think it should be. K. Thanks. Bye”

As an artist that’s a giant slap in the face.

Sorry my idea wasn’t good enough for you. Go fuck yourself.

Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m overly sensitive to things like that.

I could also be taking this prompt totally out of context because my brain likes to go off on random, overly deep tangents. But those are my feelings.

You can totally use something for inspiration. After all, we see far because we stand on the shoulders of giants. But at some level there is a line, which shouldn’t be crossed.

And at some level there are better things to do with time and energy.

Leave the work the way it is. Enjoy the masterpiece, the colors, shapes, textures, feelings, and be happy with what it is as a whole. Enjoy the reality of what something is, rather than wishing for what it could be.


7 thoughts on “Prompt Pages 0012: Pleased To Meet You

  1. I don’t generally read fan fiction, but I have a similar reaction to films made of books that I love that make major changes. It was brilliant as it was, don’t mess with it! With fan fiction, I can understand the desire to extend the life of the character. I’ve certainly mourned the end of favorite series often enough…There are some very good extensions of books, but it is hard to get right.

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