Weekly Saga 0003: Surviving Tuesday


This week has been super positive overall. Minor downs, but in the scheme of things I really think it was positive. That main thing was surviving the hell of a Tuesday that I had.

Main events include:

Driving home to see mom
Began listening to Eldest
Gave Seth to Travis
Survived the Tuesday of Doom
Had lunch with Rebecca

Got $100 from Jarrett
Had yearly review at work (3 years)
Had dinner with Grace
Completed 2 hour Photoshop tutorial
Got new loofa, little scoop, scissors, and wall hooks

Hosted PCC critiques
Got desktop looked at (haven’t tested it yet)
Addressed apartment issue with Susan and Joshua
Rearranged my room
Ran twice (improved both times)

There are no additions to the Dragon’s Horde, at least none that I felt worth posting. Maybe I’ll add my color assignment later.

I’m looking forward to next week. Hopefully the freelance files come in so I can begin work on that with Tre.

Prompt Pages

Re-springing Your Step          Two Right Feet

Fireside Chat          Easy Fix


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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