Daily Post 0038: 4am Awakeness


So yeah… I’ve been up since like 4:30. After going to sleep around 1am. Not cool. Though surprisingly I’m not all that tired.

I don’t know why I couldn’t get back to sleep. 5am came, my phone beeping at me to remind me, “Hey, you wanted to wake up and go to a spin class! Aren’t you totally ready to start the day with a 15 mile bike ride?” : D

I thought about it, but my body is so sore from last night.

It’s a different experience than running, rowing, biking, or even the strength stuff that I do.

Those activities seem to be very targeted, while aikido is using all of me.

At the gym, my legs might be super sore, but the rest of me is fine. Or my arms. One specific area.

With aikido, ALL of my body is sore. My forearms, my shoulders, my legs, my core, my neck. And it’s a muscle sore, not a bad, “I’m hurt” sore.

I’ve actually done something, and my body is reminding me about that fact. That these moves are new and it’s not exactly happy about all of the small, little muscle groups that its having to use now, along with the larger muscle groups that I normally brutalize.

They deserve it. I swear… >.>

Anyway, at 5am, I stared at my phone and all I could think was, “Nope.”

I want to do the weapons class tonight, so I think I’m going to pass on the gym this morning. I could do it this afternoon after lab, but I doubt I will… And even as I type that my head is like, “Slacker…”, so now I feel like I have to go, just to say that I went and make my brain eat its words.

Back and forth I bicker with myself. I’ll let you know who ends up winning. Me, or me.

Eventually I was able to fall back to sleep for a few hours. I got up at 7 to shower, and was able to enjoy my coffee and breakfast of an apple with peanut butter and honey.

There were some really awesome posts on WordPress, and one of the comments totally made me laugh, which started my day off good.

Class last night was awesome, but I already wrote about that.

One of the other things that happened yesterday was I took care of the ‘Brighthouse issue’. At least I think I did. Brighthouse is the company I had the Internet account with.

They’ve been calling me hardcore, but always at a time when my phone is on DnD mode because I’m in the middle of working. I’ll have a voicemail, but all it says is that I need to call customer service about a ‘very important issue’…

Thanks for the details. Let me tell you how much I don’t want to talk to you guys…

So I called. The guy I got was pretty nice. He let me know that there was an outstanding balance, which I knew about, and that if I didn’t return the equipment there would be a $25 charge.

I just got done sending Jarrett a message, asking if he knew when would be a good time to pick up the equipment, along with the outstanding balance he owes. He hasn’t let me know anything since our awesome conversation on Sunday.

I really don’t want to have to cover the balance. Blah…

But, regardless of the whole Jarrett thing, I was happy that I actually took care of that, and called Brighthouse back, rather than procrastinating on it like what I wanted to do.

The biggest news of yesterday actually happened before I went into work.

As I was leaving the apartment to go to Jo Ann Fabrics I got a call from Mother Earth.

Apparently J got a GM position at a restaurant. Which is fantastic. I’m so happy for him, and I really hope that it is a positive direction for both of them.

So that was good news, but the real news was that Mother Earth and J decided to push back the main wedding for another year or so, so they can save up more money.

They are instead going to have a super small ceremony at the end of July, and she wanted me to be there as her maid of honor.

I can’t put into words the warm fuzzy feelings that I felt. I can’t believe out of everyone she could have there on such a special day that she wants me. I am honored beyond words, and I feel so loved and cared for.

We laughed and said how of course I had to be there. I had to help her get through the whole event. How I would have to pet her on the head and tell her that it’s ok.

I said I could totally do that for her as long as she did that for me.

That led to more laughing and how it would end up with both of us walking down the aisle, holding hands, and how everyone would get super confused and say, “I thought she was supposed to be marrying J…,” XD

Surprise! We’re really eloping. Thanks for coming by. Have a nice day!

Gah. I can’t wait to see both of them again. They are always in my thoughts, and I miss them every day. And now I have a definite date for when I can hug them again. It’s not just a nebulous, “sometime soon-ish” thing.

It’s really going to happen. I’m really going to see my Mother Earth again. And that thought makes me so incredibly happy.

So yesterday was awesome, full of tons of stuff.

Right now I am on break, and finally able to sit and think to myself. My music the only sound in my head aside from my thoughts.

It is the first CRI1 lab of the month, so there’s a lot of talking on my part. And the students seem really engaged, so I’ve already had some fantastic questions and have been able to melt brains with extra information I don’t normally get to cover.

I love it, but it leaves me drained. So I’m trying to recover as much as possible during the time I have. 20 minutes left.

Clavan came by right before break and we discussed some changes he wants to make to the class. I asked if I would be able to go to the graduation ceremony on Friday. It’s scheduled for 11am, which is when I’m in lab.

I don’t feel right leaving David alone again, especially after he covered for my absence with the first aikido class. It would feel like I’m taking advantage of his kindness.

So I asked Clavan if he would mind sitting in for me. Susan graduates Friday, and I want to be there to wish her well.

Clavan said he had been hoping to go to the ceremony as well, but he’ll ask and see if Aaron would mind covering for about an hour and a half.

It would be great if it could work out. That will allow me to give out the graduation cards like I normally do.

Not a lot else has happened. The prompt is lame today so I’m not going to do it.

Lab ends at 1, so I’ll be starting up homework then. Most likely at home since there will be people in the break room.

I want to stop by the grocery store for a few things. I have a pound of salmon that I bought on Sunday, but I forgot to get the dill I needed for the recipe.

Still no word back about the freelance. Tre and I are down to a week and a half to rig the characters, if we’re lucky and get them today.

I don’t think we’ll be able to meet the February 16th deadline. We started talking with these people mid-January. This is a bunch of lame. We both have stuff in our real lives going on. We can’t just drop everything to work solely on this project. We needed the time to produce quality work.

All we can do on that front is wait.

So I guess I should go for now. There are a few things I still want to work through before the end of break. Hopefully the day stays relaxed. I like the way it is going so far.


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