Daily Post 0039: Keep On Keepin’ On


Lets see if I can stay up straight long enough to type this out.

No new news about the freelance. Jarrett said he would have the equipment for me Friday, and made no mention of the electricity account.

Today is my forth day in a row of doing double workouts.

Yesterday I went to the weapons class, which I thought was at 7. However, the advanced aikido class was at 7, and weapons was at 8. So I stayed for both of them.

The weapons class was so awesome. We used the jo (staff) last night and practiced take away moves. Some of them felt really natural to me, while others I had a harder time with.

I’ve already been biking this morning. 15 miles in 40 minutes. I did better than I thought I would, but not as good as I know I can. Not having a rest day and doing doubles I’m sure is a factor in that equation.

There is another fundamentals class tonight which I plan on going to.

SAL has lab at 1pm, so I’ll be heading there shortly.

I have homework due tonight that I need to stop procrastinating on. Well, really the only thing ‘due’ is the discussion post. I ‘want’ to finish the reading and take the quiz so that’s off my plate.

There’s a tutorial that needs to be watched, and handful of exercises, and then the final project for the week. All of that is due by Sunday, but it would be fantastic to get the tutorial and exercises done tomorrow so I have most of the weekend for the final.

Sabrina emailed me this morning and wants to meet up to talk more about rigging and scripting, which is great. I’m glad she wants to continue on that path.

I need to figure out when and where to hold PCC critiques this month.

The lab for CRI1 yesterday was fantastic. I really think this group is going to be fun.

I spent most of last night in bed, tired, and thinking that I should be doing productive stuff, but not caring enough to actually get up and do it.

I stitched for a little bit after aikido, and listened to Eldest, but for a few hours after I got home I literally did nothing but lay in bed doing nothing.

I feel like that’s how today is going to go.

My body is tired. And my mind is getting there.

I tend to do this with new things. It’s not that I’m really obsessed with aikido. It’s more that I am finding fulfillment in it, and not in other things, so I want to invest my time in it more than anything else I have going on.

It’s something that I am conscious of. As long as I keep myself in check I should be alright.

I suppose I should get going for now. I don’t want to. I would rather curl back into bed and not move, but alas, if I can get my reading stuff done, then I can cross stitch guilt free in lab with Frank.

The Dragon of Compassion is so close to being done. Then I can start the 2015 sample chart, which should take less than a day to complete. I’m already getting ahead of myself.

One step at a time.

Step 1: Shower

If only step two could be ‘go back to sleep’.


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