Daily Post 0045: One More Day!


Tomorrow I get to go home. : D

I can’t wait to see my mom. It’s going to be great.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I woke up and had laundry done by 9:20. I decided that the sheets needed to be de-catfurred, so I had two loads to do yesterday.

I still only ended up paying for one though. /flex

The Laundromat that I go to does this ‘lucky wash’ thing. I think I’ve rewritten about it before. But basically you put in one quarter, and you have a chance to get ‘lucky’ and not have to pay the rest.

Well, yesterday was my day I guess. At least of one of my loads. Woohoo.

I got through most of the grading while I was doing laundry, so that was cool.

I did 13 miles at my spin class. Showered, then headed to school to meet with Rhonda.

We went over her current asset and talked about different things she could do for it. There’s the potential for some really cute stuff, and expressive facial deformation.

She is rigging a robot, so we had to address some of her joint placement, and talk about the difference between mechanical rigging and regular biped rigging.

It was a lot of fun.

We got to talk about her wolf asset as well and different ideas we could do for animations.

We’re going to meet again to continue discussing her ideas. We ended up running out of time. But we’re both ‘talkers’ when we’re engaged in topics that we like, so we spent the whole two hours jumping from one thing to another.

She had about two pages worth of notes though, so more than enough to chew over between this week and next week.

After that I went to the SAL lab where I finished off the grading and wrote my discussion post.

I happened upon an article about Harmony 2, which is a puzzle game for iPhones that is actually based on color theory. It seems like something I would totally geek out over, though I haven’t played it. I thought it was a pretty appropriate article since our class is conveniently named Color Theory.

I also spent a fair about of time getting my reference material in order for the tattoo consultation that I had for later that day.

After the lab I went to the tattoo parlor, which was a bit of a let down to be honest.

It wasn’t that they guy shot down my ideas. He had valid points about how the level of detail I wanted wouldn’t translate well from paper to skin. That skin is not the save as canves.

He gave me a lot of think about, and I get why he wasn’t all that stoked about working on the design.

I get that. And can respect that.

It was more that we really didn’t connect I guess.

I got the impression that he thought I was just a girl who wanted ink because ‘ink is cool’. And armor is cool, so I want armor tattoos.

It didn’t seem like he picked up on that fact that this is deep for me, and that I have thought about these tattoos for literally 10 years.

I know this is going to be a very large, very extensive endeavor. I actually do know what I’m getting into, at least halfway, and what I really am looking for is someone to help guide me to the end goal since I can’t get there on my own.

Sorry, I don’t know how to tattoo myself, nor do I really want to learn.

I feel this is going to be a very important part of my journey and I don’t think the guy I spoke with yesterday is the right person to be part of this process.

That was what made it disappointing. Sorry, you’re not Mr. Right. Guess I’ll keep looking. /sad face

I have already starting thinking of ways to alter my tattoo designs, and I actually like the cleaner, more streamlined concepts that I have in my head.

One of the concepts we’re being taught in my design classes is that simple is usually better than elaborate. It is more memorable, and easier to convoy a message.

So while it wasn’t a total bust, I don’t think the tattoos are going to happen until the beginning of next month, if then.

It’s going to be like when I shaved my head. I need the other person to understand. And I don’t think I had that yesterday.

So after the tattoo adventure I had about an hour before aikido. I came home, ate, and curled up with Scarlet for a little bit. Between all of the running around and the exchange at the parlor I needed some space and silence to recover.

I almost thought about not going to the dojo. But once again I had an awesome dinner in the works. Steak with green beans and potatoes. I had to kick ass and take names if I was to be found deserving of such awesomeness sustenance.

So I went to the fundamentals class, and ended up staying for the normal class as well.

There was a ‘new’ person there. At least he was new to me. Paul. I think he is a dan as well. He hardcore knew what he was doing, and helped me and the less experienced people out a lot.

Sensei Jan and Beata were super complimentary about me again.

I ended up staying for close to an extra hour talking with Sensei Beata. She does embroidery as well, and wanted to learn counted cross stitch. When I told her that was one of my main hobbies she asked if I would mind helping her learn.

I told her I would be more than happy to help her. So maybe I have a new stitching buddy. : )

Once I finally left the dojo I came home, made the bed, and cooked. I didn’t stitch last night. In fact after I ate I was petting Scarlet, trying to find the motivation to do anything other than fall asleep. After about 15 minutes I gave up though and turned out the lights.

Today has been going great. I woke up and had breakfast, then came to work for CRI1 lab at 9am.

I helped a student out with a script he emailed me. He wants to make an ‘auto swim’ script and was having some issues. It was a lot of fun to dissect his thought process and show him all sorts of new things that will help him out.

I had a meeting with Carol to talk about the requests we want to make from Interior and Design for the break room.

That actually made me super happy because it is a step forward that I didn’t have to initiate. There is momentum behind my project, slow maybe, but slow change is better than no change.

So that was cool.

I scanned the sketches that I did for my logo design so I can finish off my final project. I doubt I will do it today. Either Friday or Saturday, maybe Thursday evening depending. We’ll see.

I have a web seminar at 2pm for Time Management. That will be roughly and hour long.

I have the Photoshop tutorial that I want to begin work on, and hopefully complete today. That will leave only creating the logo and finishing off the project documentation, which I am estimating will be roughly 3 to 4 hours because I’ll get lost in playing in Illustrator.

Aikido Open (the advanced class) starts at 7pm and the weapons class starts at 8pm.

I’ll most likely end up going to both.

Past that, it’s packing up so I can leave tomorrow morning. There is another Aikido Open at 7am. Since I won’t be here for any of the other classes this week I’m thinking I aught to go to it. I don’t know if I will be rested enough to make it through the class, though.

My quads are still burning from yesterday’s biking and two classes. I’m going to beat them up again tonight, and then have a less than 12 hour turn around time. I’m not sure if my body is ready for that much intensity.

I guess the only thing to do on that front is see how well I recover between tonight and tomorrow morning.

So today is still busy, but it is much less people oriented than yesterday was, so I think I’ll be alright.

Lab is almost over, so I should go for now so I can transition to a new location to work on that Photoshop tutorial I keep talking about.


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