Daily Post 0047: Not What I Had Planned…



This morning started off well enough. Fantastic-ish even. But it is slowing proving to be like the Tuesday of a few weeks ago where every time I try to do something I can’t.

I got home around 4:30 yesterday. After unpacking the car and making sure Scarlet was settled in I went to sleep.

I had talked with Mother Earth before getting on the road, which gave me a ton to think about (I’m sure I’ll write about it later, after I’m done ranting and have had some more time to process), so there was a lot of emotional processing during my 6 hour trip, and in general I was tired.

So nap time it was in order.

I woke up around 8ish and poked around a little bit at my stuff, but really didn’t feel like unpacking, or cooking, or doing much of anything, least of all homework.

I ended up having a can of soup. Which it was freezing at my mom’s house. Every night no matter how many blankets I was under my toes were ice cubes. I’m so happy to be back in Florida where I can wear my shorts and sandals, and sleep without fear of dying from hyperthermia.

I can’t wait for summer. ❤

Anyway, I stitched for a little bit last night, but overall didn’t do much. Bre got me a tiger cross stitch kit the year before last for Christmas. I started working on it a while ago, but haven’t touched it in months.

I figured I should put some time into it so I can say that I made some progress. I’m about a quarter of the way done. If / when I get it done it will actually be the biggest cross stitch that I’ve finished.

I went to sleep around 11, which meant I was awake at 8.

I felt a little sluggish, and I didn’t have any creamer for coffee, so that was a bit of a deterrent to being lively so early in the morning. But I got all of my cloths unpacked, the grocery stuff I brought back from mom’s got put away. I straightened everything up in my room, so most everything was back to normal before 9.

I made my grocery list and even had a to-do list written down. Being an overachiever, I went ahead and paid the bills as well. I’m doing really good this month even with the trip for my cousin’s wedding.

I need to remember to pay the Brighthouse bill since Jarrett isn’t going to be giving me money. : /

I’ll have to take care of that tomorrow.

So that gets me to where my day started being frustrating.

I had the idea to do breakfast at Perkins where I could sit and work on my daily post, and the weekly saga since it’s once again Sunday.

Well they were so insanely packed that I couldn’t get to the podium to put my name on the list.

Totally not interested in being there…

I wanted to go to Lane Bryant since January for new bras. What with working out so much and losing weight, the ones I have aren’t fitting right anymore. I’m pretty sure this is what would be considered a first world problem…

So I figured I could head out that way and see if there were any other places that seemed like a good place to eat. It was past 10 so I figured most places would be open…


I guess on Sunday nothing, absolutely nothing, opens until 11 or later.

Every place I stopped at was still closed. And I was so hungry I was starting to feel sick. Not cool…

When I got to the Lane Bryant I found out that they weren’t going to be open until 12…. So I couldn’t even do my shopping to kill the time.

WTF? It’s just another day. Why are your hours different? ;-;

So all of that was a bust. Like, I got nothing done, and still hadn’t eaten, or had coffee.

So I drove back towards school. I figured I could get something through a drive through and get to work on my homework. I needed to do something. Accomplish something.

When I turned into the parking lot for work though I realized that today is the Behind the Scenes tour that the school does. Basically the school is shut down and perspective students can come check out the labs and get more information about the degrees they’re interested in.

So basically I’m not supposed to be on campus until the tour is over, which would be around 5pm… It wasn’t even noon…

F my life… Does anything else give me a giant middle finger? Yes? No? Can I get something done yet? Maybe? Please? I’m pretty sure I’ve been on my best behavior… Come on Universe… I even put my cloths away for you…

So currently I am sitting at the Chile’s on campus. I figured I could do the 2 for $20 which would give me dinner, and give me a place where I could do all of my blog stuff… But even that isn’t going to happen. They don’t have wifi…

What place doesn’t have wifi? Seriously. WTF? And when you’re literally on a college campus… Stop screwing with my day.

So right now I am sitting here, food in front of me, untouched, while I rant and get this frustration out of my system.

So yeah… that’s my day so far. And I won’t be able to post this until I get somewhere where there is civilization and Internet…

Wish me luck on wrestling the rest of the day into submission.


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