Prompt Page 0026: Clone Wars


If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

I joke about this fairly often with my students. How if I had a clone I would be able to handle all of the things I want to get done.

Running events for students, critiquing projects, going to the gym and taking the classes I want to, devoting more time to self improvement, relaxing and reading the books I want to, going on trips to places I want to see and explore, cooking meals and doing chores, talking with friends and ‘staying in the loop’, movies to watch, games to play.

All of these actions and things that require time. Which is always the underlying factor.

There is never the time to do everything, and so we much pick and choose. What is important? What should be done, and what should be left on the to do list for another day? A day that may not come.

It is a very sobering thought when viewed that way. What would I be ok with not doing if I were to die tomorrow?

As much as I joke about having a clone, I don’t want one.

I like myself. I like the challenges I have to go through, I like the hurdles I have to jump over, the flaming hoops that test me.

I don’t want to share the glory with another person. I don’t want to share, half, the experiences with someone else.

I want to live all of my life. I want to make the choices about what is important, because not everything is.

Sometimes I don’t know how I get everything done, but in the end it normally works out. And it’s not because I had a clone. It’s because I made choices about what was truly important and what could wait.

I made choices and sacrifices and that gives meaning, significance, to the things that get done.

I gave myself these obligations, so it is up to me to figure out how to take care of business. Not for science to rescue me from myself.


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