Daily Post 0052: An Anti-Social Day


Yesterday was fairly relaxing and low key.

I woke up and spent my morning relaxing and gearing up for the SAL lab.

One major thing that I forgot to mention about Friday was that I came home to a parcel from Duke Energy, the company I had the power account with for the old apartment.

It was a check for my deposit on the account. $120.

Needless to say I was pretty happy about that.

“Welcome home. Here’s some money.”

I’m cool with that.

So before I went into work I stopped by an ATM to deposit that.

I mostly worked on my color exercise during SAL. There were a few questions, some of them were on the more technical side for creating textures, which I wasn’t able to answer, but most of them were more about over all artistic quality. I could handle those.

Once lab was over I went to 4B. I’m starting to think of the area that I sit in as mine, even though it’s a communal area. No one really uses it. And since it was Saturday evening no one was there.

I was able to finish off the color assignment, and blocked out (read ‘pretty much finished’) my project 3 assignment.

We had to make a coat of arms using ‘modern’ symbols. Since music is such a large part of my life I divided my shield into four quadrants. The top left is a treble clef sign, with ear bud headphones in the top right quadrant. The bottom left is the same ear bud headphone icon with the bass cleft sign in the bottom right.

I’m not 100% sold on the colors yet. I wanted to sleep on it and come back to the design with fresh eyes. But over all I’m really happy with the composition and the way it came out.

After that I heated up food, since I am terrible about eating while I work, then I finished off the reading for this week and took the quiz. Got a 100 on that, so more good feels.

By that time it was a little past 8. There were still a few things I wanted to finish before leaving though.

When I had gone home for my cousin’s wedding I had taken my tax information with me because one of the things I wanted to get done was filing for my taxes. There’s a company that I like going to because they have always treated my mom well, and in turn me.

They always make it a super painless process and because the guy is so nice I actually look forward to the experience.

I wasn’t able to get to that chore while I was home, but I left the paperwork with my mom because she had to go down there to file for my brother, since he’s in Germany.

I got an email saying that my filing was done, and given some login information so I could view it online.

Of course because I’m on a Mac, at least I’m guessing that’s why since none of my Internet browsers will work properly, I wasn’t able to view the files.

I emailed my mom since she has a Windows machine that isn’t loaded with spy ware (mild rage at the thought of my own desktop still being out of commission), and asked if she would look into that for me, and that she was awesome.

Since the tax thing was as done as I could get it I turned my attention to my freelance.

Tre had recorded a video showing the issues that we have concerning the face topology of the models and basically asking what they, the company, wanted to do, since we can’t do the work they want with the assets they gave us.

You get what you pay for, and these models are not of quality.

And with that my day, work wise, was pretty much done.

I still had the Photoshop tutorial that I needed to work through, but it was close to 9, I was getting tired, and I felt like I had earned the rest of the night to myself.

So I packed up and came home.

On the drive home my mom called about my taxes.

I’m getting $90 back, but because I have to file not only for myself but also my ‘company’ since I do freelance, I owe $180 to Pitts.

That’s cool. I don’t mind and sort of expected that. I guess the main reason I don’t mind is because of the $120 from the power company. I wasn’t expecting that, so it sort of offsets the tax expense.

And I didn’t do anything with freelance last year, which is why I’m not getting as much back. To be honest I don’t actively look for freelance. I get it from friends whenever they happen to toss something my way.

We’ll see where I’m at after this project. Maybe it will be something that I put more effort into.

Once I got home I cooked dinner, just a boxed pasta thing that I brought back from mom’s. Nothing fancy or overly good.

After cleaning up the kitchen and doing some chores I spent the rest of my evening listening to Brisingr, the third book in the Inheritance series, and cross stitching.

There’s about 30 hours in this book, and I’m roughly two hours in.

I like it so far, but then overall the story is pretty good.

At around midnight I was passing out, so I put everything away and curled up with Scarlet.

I haven’t really done anything this morning aside from make coffee.

I have the tutorial I need to do, and submitting my project 3 once I finalize it. There’s grocery shopping to do, I aught to go running since I didn’t workout yesterday. There’s the weekly chores like vacuuming and such. I also need to run to Walmart for a few things.

I think I’m going to shower and do my shopping now since I’m sort of feeling like an anti-people day is in order. I’ve been social so much this past week. I think I’ve earned / deserve to take a day to stay in my room.


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