Musing Moments 0027: I Move to a Different Sound


I recently found a new blog, Midnight Blues, and this post really sparked something for me because I feel it represents my feelings so accurately.

Part of me feels bad that I can honestly say that I can live without another person. Society makes it seem like that makes me cold and heartless. If I truly loved the other person they would be the core of my Earth. I would only be able to function because of their presence.

But that’s not how it is for me. Maybe in my first few relationships where I was still figuring myself out, but I am no longer a 14 year old girl. I can take care of myself. My world isn’t going to fall to pieces if you’re not it in. I would still wake up and take care of my obligations.

I know my post about Mother Earth sort of contradicts that, but even while that was going on I went to work, I took care of my responsibilities, and I tried doing things to help with what felt like unbearable emotional stress.

I know there are a few people in my life, those in my inner circle, that would leave me devastated if they left because the pain would be so intense. Hot mess wouldn’t even begin to describe it. But eventually I would pick up the pieces of my shattered world and move on. Maybe hollow and empty at first, because depression is like that, but step by step I would relearn how to breathe and function.

I like to think they would want me to carry on. They would want me to keep living, to learn to be happy even if they are not there to share in the happiness with me.

I have worked extremely hard to make myself independent. I have worked to become a functional being in my own right. A being that doesn’t burden another people.

And as far as a relationship goes, I sort of want that from someone else.

Ok… not sort of. I do want that.

I don’t want to be the center of your world, your only fail-safe. I don’t want the added weight and responsibility of being the sole object of your happiness. Have hobbies. Have friends. Do stuff without me. Be able to take care of yourself.

Trust me, as an introvert it will make the relationship so much easier if you go out and do things with other people, or on your own even. Leave me home with my books, my projects, my cross stitching. Or even enjoying an afternoon nap on the couch, my cat curled up at my side.

Let me have my aikido and yoga. Let me go running alone.

Don’t feel neglected if I go to lunch with a friend. Don’t think of my time away from you as a slight, or disinterest.

I had a life before you, and I would like to keep my life. Just like you had a life before me, and I want you to keep that, too. In fact, that’s most likely one of the qualities that attracted me to you. Independence.

I don’t think a relationship should weaken people. I don’t think it is healthy to shift your focus to center around one single person. There is no growth in that, no development.

If anything it is stifling, stunting. You stop reaching. You stop striving. It’s not longer for you, it’s for them, for others, which in my mind is wrong. Do things for you, not for acceptance. Do things because it makes you happy and fulfilled. Take care of #1 so you can take care of others.

I will love you for all of you. Flaws, quirks, insecurities and all. You will be imperfectly perfect, and I will respect that you are human, and that we both will make mistakes. I will respect that you are an individual with your own sense of direction and ambitions, goals and dreams.

I will support you on YOUR journey for as long as our paths align. In return I want the same level of respect. I am an individual on MY journey. I don’t think I should have to give that up, that either of us should have to give that up. I feel like we should be able to learn to co-exist as we are.

Compromise yes, but not on who you are. Not on the things that make you strong and able to stand on your own.

I’m not going to die without you. And I’m not going to be sorry about that.

I’m stronger than that. I would hope my strength is a valued quality. I am not a weak flower to die during winter. I may get upset. I may hurt, and it may take me a while to recover. But no, I will not die. And I would like to think you wouldn’t want me to.

I move to a different sound.

Daily Post 0085: Early to Bed


Yep. Sickness. : /


I woke up around 6 this morning. An hour before I wanted to. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep though, so at 7 I went to the store for the few things I needed to pick up. I was super proud of myself for getting soup to help make me feel better.

Of course it wasn’t until I was walking out of the store that I realized I had forgotten the main thing I actually needed…. Toilet paper… F my life…

Went back in, retrieved that. Went home. Had soup, did some writing. Went back to sleep until about 11. Did more writing, showered. Went to work at 1pm.

David is cool with covering for me on Mondays and Fridays. So I’ll still be able to host the PCC Critiques and do taekwondo for most of this month. Huzzah.

He wasn’t able to cover me today, though, which was fine. I didn’t want to go to the dojo with how I was feeling. Didn’t make it to the gym either. So much lame…

I got most of my assignments done for the week. I have reading left to do, which will happen tomorrow with laundry. There’s a quiz to take, and then a case study. I can’t really do the case study until I do the reading, which is why I didn’t do anything with that assignment. That and because my brain is fried.

My headache is threating to go migraine on me.

In the scheme of things today went pretty alright. It could have been a hell of a lot worse that’s for sure.

I’m going to turn in early tonight and hope I feel better when I wake up. Tomorrow is SAL 9pm to 1am. Fun times…

Prompt Page 0042: Meaning


Occupy Daily Prompt

Is there a song that you’ve really never given a second thought to and then heard/read the lyrics to and said to yourself, what the heck?!? 

I’m most likely a bad person to ask when it comes to song lyrics. I don’t normally go with what is ‘intended’. I go with that I feel, or what the words mean to me.

In the prompt one of the lyrics mentioned is “Hold on for one more day.” It is mentioned that maybe that’s silly, that the lyric doesn’t make much sense, or that in a given situation it’s bad advice.

But to me that lyric does make sense.

There is a movie called Jump Tomorrow, and in it there is a scene where one of the characters is going to kill himself. He is drunk, trying to drown out his sorrows. The woman he wanted to marry rejected him, and he is on the roof of a building, yelling and crying, and is going to jump from the roof so he no longer has to suffer.

The main character runs up to the roof and beings talking to the man, saying not to jump today. Wait until tomorrow. Jump tomorrow.

The song lyric, “Hold on for one more day,” reminds me of that phrase, that scene.

Tomorrow gives you 86,400 seconds where you can change things, or do things differently.

Don’t like where you’re at? Do something about it.

If you jump, if you let go, you don’t get that chance. You can’t do anything if you’re not here.

Admittedly this is all taken out of context, but words are subjective. What they mean depends on the state of mind you are in, the connotation you have associated with them, the other words and phrases around them.

Words are trains of thought, and not all of them are tied together. Songs especially are artistic creations, as much as any painting is. Just because we may not be able to see meaning behind the shapes, or receive the message intended, doesn’t mean that for the artist there isn’t some connection there.

Or maybe we make a connection when none was intended. It’s all subjective, it’s all art. We make it what we want.

Musing Moments 0026: 30 Day Challenge – Day 17


My mom is a pretty awesome and fantastic person, and she’s taught me a metric crap ton of stuff, including how to reverse engineer goals.

Since that’s what day 17 focuses on, I didn’t get much out of it when I first got to this day, and I still sort of don’t.

It’s like being told to do something you already do.

“K… I’m going to keep on keeping on… thanks for interrupting my groove… “

I understand that this is an issue for most people though. I see it with my students, with friends, coworkers, even with some of my family members.

*cough like my younger brother who never listened to mom’s sagely advice cough*

Pardon me. Seems like my fingers had a fit.

Anyway, reverse engineering goals is actually pretty fun and extremely helpful.

You have this idea, this goal, some uber amazing project, and it’s going to be great once you get it completed. But where do you start? It’s so big, so daunting when you step back and look at it as a whole. How are you ever going to get it ALL of that completed?

That’s when the feelings of intimidation start, and that little evil voice in our head’s pops up and starts talking smack about how we can’t do it, it will never come about right, and blah, blah, blah, nag, nag, nag… *downward spiral of doom*

Reverse engineering helps with that. It gives us the blue prints to turn our goals and ideas into actionable tasks that will move us forward, one step at a time, towards the summit of our Mt. Everest.

It’s not too much, we just need a map. A battle plan.

So today, we’re supposed to take our push goal and really break it down. Brain storm about all the things that you may need or want to do with it.

Ask yourself questions. What needs to be done? How is it going to get done? Is there anything you need to buy? Anything you need to ask about? Do other people need to get involved?

Are there any major tasks that can be labeled as “mile stone” tasks?

A lot of my goals can be broken into steps or chunks, so when I reach a certain task I know I am a certain percentage through my project. It allows me to feel accomplished and to be happy with my effort even if I’m not completely done with the project yet.

Depending on the scope of the project I may even celebrate reaching a mile stone. It helps keep me motivated.

Since my push goals are “Complete one personal career project each week,” and, “Complete one craft project each month,” I have broken my two current projects down.

* Indicates mile stones

 Career Project of the Week:

* Record Curves Tool podcast sections (8 total)
Edit Curves Tool podcast in Screenflow
Post Curves Tool podcast online


* Post Curves Tool package to Creative Crash
Update website with Curves Tool content
Message Lester about Curves Tool release
* Task complete

Craft Project of the Month:

* Create pattern in MacStitch
Prep fabric / threads
Stitch design
* Wash and mount finished design
Scan finished project

Email Carol image
Post image online


Place image in Dropbox folder
* Task complete

Seems easy enough, just have to actually do those steps now.

Admittedly these are smaller projects, but the concept is the same for bigger tasks. Think about all the steps you have to take. Write them all down, regardless of the order. Think of it as brain storming.

Get the ideas out, then we can figure out where the best place to start is.

30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson

Monthly Mementoe 02: March


Monthly Goals:

Revamped Curves Tool
Completed xStitch for Tre
Watched Wolf of Wall Street

Events of Note:

Sick during 1st week of March
Full Sail Hall of Fame #6
Reconnected with Ashley
PCC Critiques switched to Google Hangouts
Passed out at Friendly Confines

Fixed desktop
Failed Digital Story Telling
Mother Earth was placed in ICU / discharged
Painted base color for new room

Ongoing Events:

Freelance project
Bank issue with money transfer
Project Break Room
Book 3: Brisingr (< 17 hours)

RunKeeper Data:

08.6 mi running
17.5 mi biking
01.2 mi rowing
27.3 mi Total 

13+ dojo hours

Incomplete Tasks:

Chapter 8 in programming book
Gladiator rig
Read 1 industry / personal growth book


Overall I think I did alright this month. I forgot about passing out at Friendly Confines. Did that seriously happen only two weeks ago?.. And that was right after my car was towed… So looking back on it, I really didn’t have a normal week at all this month.

I’m starting up my new class, Intellectual Property and Law. I don’t it’s going to be very art heavy, which after how much drawing was required last month, I’m sort of ok with. I think it’s going to be more of a ‘read this, answer that’ sort of class. I’ll get a better idea after today.

All in all, I’m sad another month is down, but I really am not sad to see this one go. Hopefully April showers will wash away all of the soot from the fires I had to contend with this month.

I definitely saw the gym and dojo take a hit compared to what I was doing January. February was pretty slack, too. We’ll turn that around though.

Look out, April. You’re about to get owned.


Weekly Saga 0011: To Hell and Back


This past week was rough. Not even going to lie. Somehow I managed to get through it, though.

Main Events:

Continued with 30 Day Challenge (day 11- 16)
Fixed desktop
Failed Digital Story Telling
Completed xStitch for Tre
Sold dresser / trashed mattress

Painted room / began packing / moving
Mother Earth was placed in ICU (is fine and back home)
Watched Wolf of Wall Street

When looking at my week it doesn’t seem like much happened, but it feels like I’ve been to hell and back. I feel beat up still. Even now, sitting in my bed with my laptop in my lap I feel like I’m in an infirmary and that the very act of sitting will wear me out after a short while.

It doesn’t help that I am legitimately sick again. Going to sleep didn’t fend off whatever ickiness I caught. I’m hoping that I recover fast, but in all honestly I’m not surprised I got sick. I can handle work stress like it’s nothing. Emotional stress, or worry for my loved ones, does me in every time.

Body: “Oh, you’re going through a rough time? You know what would help with that? The plague!”

Thanks… so not helpful…

I’m hanging in there though. Just sucks because unless I feel better in the next three hours, I’m most likely not going to the gym, or the dojo. I don’t want to get other people sick. Sitting in the sauna sounds awesome though. I’m having a hard time staying warm.


And I just realized… it’s the end of another month… so I’m supposed to do a monthly recap… ;-;

Do not want…

Anyway, sitting on my butt reading my blog has me exhausted. I’m going to try sleeping a bit more since my day doesn’t ‘have’ to start until noon.

Alright, Mr. Plague. Round two. FIGHT!

Daily Post 0084: I Swear, If I’m Getting Sick Again…


Another low key day.

I wrote and got caught up on the blogs I follow. I had lunch with Grace and got to catch up with her. I put a second coat of paint on the walls. Went grocery shopping AND did all of the cooking.

I need to run back to the store tomorrow to get sour cream and shredded cheese, though… Laaaame.

The schedule changed for work. Originally I was supposed to work 5pm to 1am Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. Now I’m working 1pm to 9pm. Which still would suck because all the classes at the dojo are in the 5pm to 9pm block.


The last lab, the 5pm to 9pm lab, most likely will only need one lab specialist there. So there is a chance that David will cover the lab, at least for Mondays, so I can still do taekwondo.

I’ll know for sure tomorrow, but it’s awesome to think that I might still be able to make it to the Monday classes at least.

I’m feeling a little sick… again… which isn’t cool in the slightest. I have a cough and my throat kind of hurts, so I’m drinking green tea with honey and cinnamon right now, and about to take Nyquil.

I shall crush this sickness where it stands.

Tomorrow starts a new class so I’ll have to check up on the assignments for the week. I have plans to go to the gym for a spin class at 9:30am. I haven’t made a to-do list for tomorrow, and I highly doubt I’m going to do one now. I’m actually proud of myself for writing. Still have a weekly recap to do, but I’m cool with waiting on that one.

I’m tired. I have to be up early. And I’ve been productive. I’ve earned some sleep.

Oh, and here’s an awful picture of my room. Lame iPhone sucking at taking pictures. The room is still a WIP, but I love it.


Musing Moments 0025: 30 Day Challenge – Day 16


Still a day behind due to how crazy this past week was, but hopefully I can catch up today.

Day 16 is a little bit of a repeat. It emphasizes how the only advantage ‘successful’ people have over us is knowledge. Which I feel is true.

Being ‘smart’ has nothing to do with being successful. It’s all about the type of habits we have, the type of information we have, and then what we do with that information.

Anyone can get information. And anyone can ‘do’ stuff with that information.

Want to run your own online business? Awesome. You can totally do it. All you need to do is research the information you need and then take the necessary actions to do it.

Want to become more organized? Look into articles about decluttering and organization. See what other people are doing and then figure out what would work best for you.

It really is all about researching, reading some stuff, maybe watching a video on Youtube, and then taking action. All you need is information and determination to reach a goal.

Look back at your key priority. Look at your push goal. What information do you need to help you with those objectives?

My key priority this time ‘round is Personal Growth, which is a bit nebulous. It covers a large area for me; pretty much my whole life.

I have dedicated time each day to different areas that I feel focus on personal growth and development. One hour is spent on personal career related projects, one hour on a craft project, at least one hour on school assignments, another hour at the gym focusing on strength / cardio, and a final hour at the dojo for aikido / taekwondo.

Phew. 5 hours of me time basically. I’m happy to report that I’ve been pretty good about sticking to that regime so far.

That doesn’t really give me anything to research though. What could I look into that would help me on my quest for “Personal Growth”? It’s not like I need a self-help book or anything. At least I don’t feel like that is what I would need.

Really I don’t feel like I “need” anything at all. I think I have a handle on it. I’m more interested in other perspectives, other schools of thought that may, or may not, broaden my own way of thinking.

So I pondered over my key priority last night. I wasn’t sure what to research into, so I wasn’t sure what to write here. When I woke up I honestly wasn’t any closer to knowing what to ‘research’, and I was starting to feel sort of lame about that fact.

Not having something to research made me feel like I was saying, “I’m already a bawce. I need no additional information because I know everything. Kneel before me minion and bow before my greatness.”

Totally not how I feel, or the vibe I want to give off… So if I don’t know everything, why couldn’t I figure out what to look into, what to research to help me achieve my goal?

A little frustrated, I started asking myself, “Why do I want personal growth? What do I hope to achieve with this goal? Why is this a priority?”

After a little bit I came to the conclusion that through personal growth I hope to achieve balance and stability. I hope to become a better me. Ultimately it is about an inner peace, a spiritual calm, and learning to harmonize all areas of my life.

A large part of balance for me comes from understanding myself, which is something that’s actually relatively new to me. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that I was exposed to the MBTI test, and even then I didn’t really start researching into my personality type until after college.

That was a huge eye opener for me. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel like an alien. I was / am a perfectly healthy INFJ.

Then came the discovery of introversion, and HSP. Understanding the different facets that made me, well… me, helped me to understand what I needed to be happy and to feel balanced. I feel like there is more that I could learn in this area though, and that with more knowledge, and an even better understanding of myself, that I could achieve my goals easier.

So having come to this realization, I will be picking back up my research into my personality type, beginning with introversion. There are several books I would like to read so it’s the perfect place to start in my opinion.

“Do something that you’ve wanted to do, but kept putting off because it never lined up with your priorities.”

Oh look… it lines up with my priorities now… Guess I should get on that… : D

30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson

Musing Moments 0024: 30 Day Challenge – Day 15


This day super, uber helped me once I finally got to it.

It’s about learning how to say that awful ‘n’ word. You know which one. The one society taught us was bad. Only selfish people say this word…


Most of us dread saying that word.

“Hey, would you mind helping me out with [insert task here].”

“We’re all going to be to [blank]. Come with us!”

It can be especially hard when you know the person. We don’t like letting people down, and when we have to give a ‘negative’ response we normally cringe on the inside and beat ourselves up for it.

But sometimes we really don’t want to do something. Why do we have to feel bad about that? How can we say, “No,” and still be a good person? Is that even possible?

For a really long time I didn’t think it was. I would accept any project someone asked me to help with because I was so terrified of hurting the other person’s feelings or letting them down. As a result I was constantly busy with projects I didn’t really care about. I was doing tons of stuff and getting no fulfillment out of any of it.

All of that changed when I heard Chalene’s silly little phrase.

“Let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you.”

How had I not thought of something like that?… Seriously. I sat at my computer after watching the video and wondered how I had been allowed to graduate high school with how simple and easy her solution was.

All joking aside though, it legitimately helped me get my life back under control. With this simple phrase I now had a way to get the time I need to analyze the repercussions of agreeing to something. I no longer stretched myself too thin. I no longer made knee-jerk obligations.

At first it wasn’t easy, but I’ve been at it for about a year and a half now. It really was one of the best things I took away from the third time I did this challenge.

Try it out for yourself.

“Let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you.”

30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson

Prompt Page 0041: I Walk the Line


Have you got a code you live by?
What are the principles or set of values
you actively apply in your life?


I will not lie to you, about anything, because I feel that lying is disrespectful and I do not make it a habit to disrespect anyone. I will say what I feel in the nicest, least confrontational way possible. But I am not going to lie about what I think or feel because I feel you deserve to know the truth; that you are mature enough to handle the information you have asked for.

This is one of the few things I will not compromise on. I demand the same level of respect in return when it comes to honesty, and if it is not returned then the dynamic no longer exists.

It does not matter if you think it is something I do not want to hear, or if you think omitting / twisting the truth is the ‘kinder’ option. If you lie to me you have basically taken napalm and torched whatever bridge was there. I will no longer trust you, and without trust the dynamic dies.


I try to conduct myself in such a way that I bring respect to myself and those associated with me. Everyday I ask myself if my actions are portraying the qualities of a person I can be proud of, that I would want to be associated with. Some days are better than others, but overall I like to think that, yes. I can be proud of myself and my actions.

This is something else I do not bend on. I know everyone has different morals, values, and priorities. However there is a base level of decency, of honor, that I feel is humane and mature. If I feel that you have a dishonorable personality then I will distance myself from you because I do not wish to be associated with dishonorable actions and mentalities.