Prompt Post 0030: Plead the Fifth


What question do you hate to be asked? Why?


Hands down the one question I hate more in the world then anything else combined is, “Are you ok?”

/start rant

Yes. I am actually, legitimately fine.

If I weren’t I would let you know.

If I haven’t mentioned anything being amiss in my life, but you are worried because I seem ‘quiet and withdrawn’, assume I’m lost inside of my head following random thoughts, or solving a problem, or pondering the meaning of life, or restructuring my day, or planning my meals for the next week, or any number of countless things that require my attention more than reassuring someone else that my silence is not a sign of depression and sadness.

If I wasn’t ok, trust me, you would know. I’m an open book when it comes to my emotions.

And if I weren’t ok, I may or may not be interested in telling you about it. Most of the time when I’m bothered by something emotionally, I don’t want to talk because I’m still figuring it out. So having people prod at me only succeeds at making me hostile. Like, “I’m going to claw your face off with no remorse,” hostile.

Believe me when I say that I would let you know a) things are not as good as they could be, and b) if I want to talk about it or not.

In no situation would you be left guessing as to if I’m fine, or if I wanted to talk. I will always give you all of the information you need so you know how to handle the situation.

Good rule of thumb. If I’m upset, back off. I’ll come to you when I’m ready to.

In all other instances I am seriously fine, and if I’m continually asked, “Are you ok?” I get pissed off to no end because you are bringing my honor into question. I’m not lying to you, but obviously you believe I am because you are not accepting my statement as truth.

I don’t lie. Thanks. If you don’t believe me on this, why would I tell you anything else of importance? You don’t trust me, so I’m not going to trust you. I give what I receive.

When I say I’m fine I mean it. It would be nice if the world would stop trying to force me into the ‘depressed’ box just because I’m not an effervescent ray of sunshine every second of my waking life.

/end rant

I feel that I should say this isn’t aimed at anyone in particular. It’s more of a sensitivity that has built up over the years. Just another thing to work though I suppose.


5 thoughts on “Prompt Post 0030: Plead the Fifth

  1. “Claw your face off…” Yeah, me too. Just hold your horses. I’m trying to figure out how I feel. If you’d like to speed up the process, I’d be happy to stop what I’m doing end your life 🙂


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