Weekly Saga 0008: Rescuing Cars and Saving Damsels


I’m pretty sure this past week was busy. But seeing as how I have a terrible memory and I sort of write these recaps as I read though my past posts, my statement is just speculation right now.

I feel sort of bad that it’s already over halfway through a new week and I’m just now sitting down to write and reflect. I think I’m going to lump everything together rather than trying to find the dividing line and segment everything.

So yeah, this might be a slightly longer recap than normal, but at least everything will be accounted for.

Here it goes…

Main events for this past week (and some change) include: 

Watched Escape from Planet Earth
Sensei Jan is back from Canada
Ran my first, second and third .5 mile
Wrote an entry for a writing competition
Had first weapons class with a bokken

Rescued my car from the evil tow truck
Got sick over the weekend
Found out the lease ends at the end of April not March
Received the Very Inspiring Blog Award
Finished DAD class – Color Theory

Reconnected with Ashley
Lost the writing competition
Didn’t win the FitBit drawing for work
Sent Ray all freelance files

Yep. Crazy week. I actually forgot about the car story. It feels like that was sooooo long ago now. But it wasn’t. It seriously was only the other week.

It might seem so distant because the situation with Ashley overshadows it. That event happened only this past Monday.


There weren’t any additions to the Dragon’s Horde. So much lame. I’ll fix that up soon though.

I think this current week is going to be a bit of a wash since it got off to such a rocky start. I’ll wrap it up though, and hope that next week is better.

Prompt Pages

Cut Off          Plead the Fifth          In Loving Memory


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