Prompt Page 0034: First Job, Best Job, You Can’t Fire Me I Quit Job


What impact did your first job have on you? What made the best job you’ve ever had better than the others? Did you have a job fall short of your expectations (or, how did you fall short of your employer’s expectations?)

This is the first post for Occupy Daily Prompt. Here it goes. : D

I haven’t really talked much about my work history. I mention working at the Citadel, and how I’m currently a teacher. But I think that’s about it.

I didn’t have a job until after I graduated high school. I know some people may look down on that, and think my mom was letting me be a slacker. But trust me, with how involved I was in band I hardly had time to sleep, much less have a job on the side.

I didn’t have a car or a license until after graduation either.

Funny story… I graduated, got my license, first car, and first job all in the same week…

Yeah. It’s all or nothing for me.

So. First job. I worked stock at a JC Penny, which was so super cool. I loved that job. The store was brand new. Like, wasn’t even open yet, so I got to help set everything up. I was totally invested in that store because it felt like it was partly ‘mine’. I set up that display. I filled up that empty section of selves. I helped make the store transform from an empty shell to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

It was a fantastic experience, and I had the most amazing supervisor. There were six of us on stock. Four of us were female. The other women were much older than myself. But we would always take lunch breaks together in the food court. It made me feel like I belonged and wasn’t a weird outcast in my kaki pants and red shirt.

We were out casts together. My team members were always asking me how my classes were going, since I was going to the community college at the time. They asked me about my mom since she would bake for us every once in a while.

We were all really close and I liked that. I got along with them, and the seemed to understand me, or at least accept me. It wasn’t the bitchy high school drama backstabbing nonsense.

They were real. They were my friends as well as my coworkers.

I cannot tell you how much I loved unloading the truck and unpacking all of the boxes each morning. I got to organize the back rooms and give input on how I thought things could be condensed down or structured better.

Kitchen and bedding were the best since those were mostly boxes, though the cloths weren’t bad.

When my classes started clashing with work, I was allowed to come in on the weekends, unsupervised, and work to meet my hours. We were the district store, and any time the district manager would walk by he would always comment about how I was a hard worker and how the store was lucky to have me.

Organizing the jeans was fun, too.

There was always new stuff, and I honestly would have stayed there. I honestly thought I was going to go back to that job.

I eventually took a programming class at school, and one day my professor mentioned that he had some friends who worked at the Citadel, a military college near where I lived. The IT department was going to be switching all of the computers in the school over to a new server and they needed some temp workers to help with the switch.

My professor told me to apply and that they would teach me everything I needed to know.

I got called in for the interview, which was going alright. I got along with the group of people who were in the room, but I’m pretty sure that the test they gave me I didn’t do so stellar on.

Towards the end the subject of games came up and I mentioned how I played World of Warcraft. That led to a 20 minute conversation about the game, and I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason I was picked.

Regardless, I was one of the few people chosen for the temp position, which meant I was taking a break from JC Penny. They said they would keep me on the payroll and when ever I wanted to come back I could. They would keep my job for me.

At the end of the contract with The Citadel I was offered a permanent position, which I took. I wasn’t part of the IT department any more. I was part of the help desk, but I could still go to lunch with the guys everyday. I could still be around computers which is what I was going to school for.

So overall I was happy.

It started getting really bad when I began dating Joe since we worked together. But that was a very small amount of time compared to how long I was there.

I ended up leaving that job to move to Florida for school. After school I was offered a Lab Specialist position, and I have been here ever since.

So that is my work history. I’m 26, and have only worked three jobs. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

The first job showed me how a team should be. It showed me that a job could be fun, that supervisors could be cool, and coworkers could be friends. It showed me that even though there are frustrations, as long as you like the people you are working with, those frustrations are bearable.

I have high standards when it comes to my supervisors because Mrs. Izzetta was so amazing. I feel like my first job had a huge impact on me, and I feel like I am a better person for having worked with the people I did.

My best job would have to be my current position. I love, absolutely love, working with students. I love being able to help people grow and learn new things. I love being able to answer questions and to impart knowledge to people who are actually interested in what I know.

And it’s not just book smart stuff. I get into conversations about life with my students. I share about experiences I have had, choices I have had to make. I talk about happiness and what it is for me, in relation to what it is to other people.

Because of my personality type I’m geared more towards human interaction and the emotional side of the equation of life. I’m all about the feelz. And I take that into my job. I don’t edit myself or put on a mask. I am a total wysiwyg.

There is just something about someone saying thank you to me after I help them solve a problem, or explain a concept from lecture over again so they understand it. Nothing else can touch it, the feeling of fulfillment that I get from their gratitude. My time meant something to them. Our interaction is something they will remember. And that makes me feel amazing. It makes me feel like I make a difference.

I have had students get me cards, or draw pictures for me, one even got me a duck stuffed animal (there’s a story about the whole duck thing), as tokens of their thanks. As something to remember them by because they felt like I specifically made a difference for them.

One student even thanked me publicly in the speech he gave at graduation. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing. This is right, and it completes a part of me.

None of my jobs have fallen short of my expectations, and all of my supervisors have loved me and praised me. I work well alone or in groups. I am able to subtly take charge and guide a process to completion. I am reliable. I’m honest. The list goes on.

I feel I have been very fortunate in my work history so far. Even at my current job with all of the nonsense that goes on, I have had a very positive work experience.

I’m not sure where life is going to end up taking me, but hopefully I continue to have good luck.


10 thoughts on “Prompt Page 0034: First Job, Best Job, You Can’t Fire Me I Quit Job

    • Thank you so much for your comment.

      I enjoyed reading your post. I’m not big on flying, but the idea of traveling is very appealing. Italy is on the bucket list for sure, though Germany is #1 for me.

      I’m glad to be part of this little subculture. I enjoyed this first prompt. : )

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      • As I’ve gotten older I am a little more hesitant and unnerved by the idea of flying… I’ll stop.

        Germany is wonderful.

        We are glad you are here and enjoying yourself.

        Don’t forget that you can submit your prompt ideas! 🙂

        Again, welcome! Glad you are here!

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  1. In my interview for my current job I told them I’d never had a job I didn’t love. I was told later that that statement was part of the reason they wanted to hire me. So many people go from job to job with nothing but complaints about their previous experience. My statement was a breath of fresh air. And it was true.

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