Musing Moment 0008: 30 Day Challenge – Preface


There was a while ago, a few years now, where one of my students and I got to talking about working out. I was doing the Insanity workouts from Beach Body (PSA: those things will kill you x.x ).

She mentioned that there was another workout I might like called Turbo Fire. They are HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts with a lot of cardio and polymeric stuff. The woman in the videos, Chalene Johnson, was supposedly super cool.

The student also mentioned how Chalene did more than workout videos. She did task management and productivity training and she had created a free, 30-day challenge thing that I might be interested in.

She scribbled the website address on a piece of paper and gave it to me, smiling.

I smiled back, and duly noted that I most like wouldn’t do the challenge. I’m not big on things like that. I feel like they’re just traps to get you to spend money and stuff.

I also don’t like feeling pressured into doing things, and I felt that by having this suggested that I would be being rude if I didn’t do the challenge, because she would undoubtedly ask if I had started it the next time we met.

I tucked the note away into my notebook and continued with my day. On the weekend while I was cleaning out the week’s worth of to-do lists and wrapping up lose ends I found the note again. Out of curiosity I logged onto the website, eyeing my computer screen in my observant, detached, “inner-scientist is silently judging you”, sort of way.

The first time I logged in I was taken to the original site, not the one shown now, and it was pretty awful. The color scheme was bright orange and blue. You’re greeted with the sight of a beach blond Barbie holding her hand up like a tray. It’s super cheesy looking, and I immediately rolled my eyes and closed out of the site.

Thanks but no thanks. You have been judged. I’ll suffer through my disorganization in silence rather than staring at that site.

But it kept nagging at me. For some reason. I kept thinking about this challenge thing. Would it really hurt to try it out? I mean… seriously? What was the worst that would happen? Getting spam email?

So about a week later I signed up for the challenge. I immediately got an email saying how happy they were that I was doing the challenge and that I should prepare myself for success and change. How this challenge was going to change my life… blah blah blah… more beach Barbie, valley girl stuff. More rolling of the eyes.

Waste of time, much? What had I just gotten myself into? Was there any way to back out?

The end of the email said that tomorrow was when the real ‘fun’ would begin.

Great. Fun. Change. Success. Power words. We’ll see where this goes…

So I closed out of the email and went to sleep. Challenge accepted, Internet. Your move.

This was right after I had broken up with Warren. A month had past, two at most.

I was a mess, which might be why I did the challenge in the first place. I wanted something, anything, to help me feel like I was in control of my life. It felt so horribly shattered. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go. The only goal I had had was to stop being so depressed, so trapped. And I had accomplished that. The one thing my life had focused on was complete. So there I was, living in my boss’s living room barely able to make my student loan payments.

I felt like a failure because my relationship was over, even though it had been abusive and I had wanted out. I still hated myself because of my body image. I felt like I was awful at my job. I was questioning if going to school had been the right choice.

Hot mess doesn’t even begin to describe it.

So I started the challenge. I didn’t finish it the first time, or the second. I would go months in-between each try. But each time I got further through it. And each time I learned something about myself, or some new trick I was able to try out in my life. Each time I became a better me, and so I kept going back.

I have come back to this challenge four times over the years now. Whenever I start feeling lost, unfocused, disorganized, it helps me straighten my life back out. It helps me redefine my goals for myself so I know what I’m really striving for, and what I need to do to get to my goals.

I feel like I could use some structure right now. I feel like I could really benefit from a road map, so I can look at it and say, “Oh yeah, that’s where I’m going, so I’m going to need to make a left here, and there’s that gas station on the right hand side once I get to this street, so I’ll know that’s when I need to turn right…”.

I feel like even though I’m getting things done, and halfway, kind of sort of, meeting my goals, that I’m jumping from fire to fire and that I don’t have the controlled grace in my life that I would like to have. I don’t seriously know what’s in front of me, and I’m just blinding fumbling through things hoping I end up where I want to be.

So I’m going to be going through this 30-day challenge thing again, because it legitimately helps me. And since it helps me, and because I’m going to be posting about it, I figured I would share the link incase other people out there are interested in it, too.

I’m not going to say that it’s crazy awesome, and super successful, and blah blah blah, up sell up sell. I’m not going to talk about how it changed my life, and I highly recommend it.


I’m going to be doing this because I like it. Because it feels like a worthwhile investment of my time, and because it helps me. There’s no pressure to do this with me. You can even think I’m crazy for buying into a gimmick. That’s totally cool, and I get it, because that’s what I felt it was at first, too.

There are things about it that I don’t care for, but there were a lot of things on that first run that I learned, and a lot of it is stuff I still apply today.

So yeah. I’m doing this. I’m going to take back control and hopefully figure out exactly where I am at in the landscape of my life. Company is more than welcome on this journey, but again, no pressure.

The information is there if you want it. Other than that, wish me luck as I dive into the craziness of my brain. : )


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