Dragon’s Horde 0021: IF Challenge – Strong



Illustrator Friday Challenge – Strong
Concept Sketch
15 minutes – Mechanical Pencil

Artist Statement

The word strong invokes the word strength.

Strength, for me, is very internal. I think of it more as a trait rather than an outward display of brawn.

Strength is what we have when we endure the hardships of life. Strength is what makes us unbreakable. Strength is what allows us to holdfast to the things that are important to us.

Our strength allows us to feel pride in the things we accomplish. Strength gives us the will power to chase our dreams and goals. Strength is what allows us to act upon our determination.

Strength is subtle. It is something working behind the scenes, enabling all other things to happen. Strength is quiet, calm; present but never seen.

Strength is not force, or effort. Strength stands like a pillar and allows things to flow around it, weathering the trials and tribulations. Strength is a beacon to turn to when all other attributes have failed.

We may not have made it through unscathed, but at least we were strong. We had our strength to carry us to the end.

I wanted to capture the subtleness, the grace, the internal acceptance, in which I view strength. I wanted to show how gentle and soft spoken strength can be. To do this I used the King Pigeon pose from yoga.

A common misconception is that yoga is only about relaxing and mediation. To an extent those elements are involved, however, most yoga poses take a fair amount of muscle tone. Poses can be held for minutes at a time, working endurance as well as flexibility. Yoga subtly makes a person stronger, and the stronger you become the more advanced variations of poses you can strive to preform.

While the King Pigeon pose appears graceful, calm, and “easy”, it is actually an extremely advanced and difficult pose to hold. It requires an intense amount of core strength to keep the body balanced and in an upright position, which is not immediately noticed when observing the pose. It is not until a person tries to preform the pose that the true extent of what is required is fully comprehended.

I felt this pose, specifically, embodied my vision of strength. There is calmness, balance, and peace; an inner harmony and self-acceptance. But there is also focus, potential, and determination.

There is a will to not back down, to not give in, to holdfast until you can hold no longer.

For me, this is strength.


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