Weekly Saga 0009: Make Ups and Breakdowns


So this is that moment where I realize just how much has happened since my last recap and how much I have written…

It’s that moment where there’s so much to read I sort of want to throw my hands up and be like, “Nope.”

But alas, I feel I need to do this.

It doesn’t seem like a lot happened over the past almost two weeks (because I’m a slacker was haven’t been consistent with my recaps). A lot of the events listed are pretty heavy events, though.

 Main Events

Switched phone over to MetroPCs
Looked at the room at Ashley’s house
Figured out Google Hangouts
Reached 100 followers (you’re all amazing <3)
Wrote my first Occupy Daily Prompt post

Began 30 Day Challenge
Began work on Tre’s present
Had an emotional break down
Passed out at Friendly Confines
Hung out with Tre and Joel on Friday

Talked to Sir on Saturday
Ran a 16 minute mile
Worked on gladiator rig
Revamped main section of Curves Tool

Overall not bad I guess. A lot of heavy events. Still, I’m going to hop that this coming week is a bit more productive with less breakdowns and EMS adventures.

Prompt Pages

Too Big to Fail          Set it Right          First Job, Best Job

Quotations          What Love Is          Yelp It

 Dragon’s Horde

Info Graphic          PokePun          IF Challenge – Path


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