Musing Moments 0015: On the Subject of Bad Customer Service…


Dear Bank of America,

I am not normally one to give bad reviews or to slander a company’s service. I understand that we are all human, that mistakes are made, people have bad days, and the ball can get dropped unintentionally.

However, I am tired of the poor customer service I receive from you, and I feel after the experience I had this morning that I have to speak out and voice my dissatisfaction publicly, rather than through surveys which seem to do nothing to alter things.

I am sad to say that I will NOT be recommending your company to ANYONE. I do not feel like a “valued customer” right now because the simple question of “When should I worry that there is an issue with my transaction?” Was ignored. Repeatedly. And when I mentioned that the solution that was suggested had already been tried, I was given the same “solution”.

I understand that your online system may in fact just be a computer program going through a complied list of responses. The very least you could do is add an option saying, “I am unable to answer your question.” Instead, it is set up to be frustrating. Infuriating, even.

I am disappointed in you as a company. I have had other issues in the past, and this is the one that finally does it in for me. I will be leaving your service as soon as I am able to. I do not want to continue banking with a company that is unable to answer a question as simple, as important, as “When should I be concerned that there is an issue?” I do not want to stay with a company who does not appear to value my service or concerns.

Your extremely disappointed, frustrated, and unvalued customer,

Jennifer Conley



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