Daily Post 0075: I Love My IF Project <3


I’m still at work. I thought I was supposed to be here for SAL lab, but my calendar was wrong, so I ended up getting an extra four hours to my day. Huzzah! And I’ve spent in upstairs at work, working on my homework, totally alone and undisturbed. Double huzzah!

I didn’t get the project finished, but I love the way it’s coming out. Like, hardcore, zero fucks given about my grade, this is one of the best projects I’ve done level of proud. At least the best Photoshop assignment that I’ve done.

I’ll post it after writing.

Today was pretty alright. My shoulder blades are soooo incredibly sore from practicing my punches the other day. I had to deal with them complaining all day over any and everything I tried to do. Sort of lame, but they’re feeling better since I got to stretch at aikido.

My shin and left ankle have been bothering for the past few days, too… So of course I went running last night, because screw you body.

I didn’t go to the gym this morning. Instead I worked through my 30 Day Challenge stuff, then up graded and restructured OmniFocus. I think that was an ok thing though due to my physical form trying to fall apart on me. I’m actually wondering if two hours a day is a little extreme at the moment. Maybe I should back it down a bit?

I’m still mulling it over in my head.

Anywho, eventually I finished with OmniFocus, so I showered and went to my sports bar. I was a little nervous walking it. Part of me expected them to turn me away or something because of last Friday. My server was super happy to see me though.

She asked how I was feeling and was her pleasant self. I told her I was doing well and I gave her the card I bought from Walmart the other day. I asked if the manager was in because I had a card for him, too.

She said he was, and took the card to him for me. They both came back and were super appreciative. My server said it was the nicest, more genuine act anyone had ever done for her.

I hope random acts of kindness happen to her more often. She deserves them.

After catching up on emails and WordPress I ate then went to school where I worked on my homework until it was time for aikido.

Tonight was open mat, so I got to do my own thing. Sensei Jan and Beata were there. I got more help with my back rolls, which was awesome. I’m starting to really feel them, and how the energy moves through them.

I’m still not super awesome at it, but I can tell I’m getting better. I practiced some dynamic movements with Sensei Beata for a while as well. She was helping me work through the moves for my Kyu 6 test.

I’m eligiable for testing next weekend. I’m nervous about it. I want my mom or someone to be there for me. It’s always easier to do a test or performance when I know that someone is there for me, cheering me on.

I don’t know. And right now I’m sort of too tired to put much thought into it. I’m not all that interested in testing to be honest. I’m not doing it for a belt color.

Something Sensei Jan said tonight has sort of wormed it’s way into my brain, though. Both he and Beata constantly tell me how I’m advancing really fast. Jan said that I still am too gentle, soft. I don’t want to hurt anyone, which isn’t a bad thing, but my moves need to to have intention behind them. There needs to be energy.

He said once I get that, “once I come out of my shell” he said, I will be amazing. He said that once that happens, he will remind me about this conversation so I can remember how far I have come.

The ‘amazing’ comment is what keeps fidgeting and calling my attention.

What if I did become really good? Like, “to the level that I could teach” good?

There’s a part of my brain that is very still, very aware right now. There is something in me that connects with that idea on a very deep, super serious level. It’s not a joking, “ha ha I could teach”. It’s an, “I could teach…” A super soft, quiet realization.

If I practiced and kept at it, there’s no reason why I couldn’t. It’s sort of a mind blowing realization.

For right now I’m going to keep on doing my classes for Digital Arts and Design, and then Web Design most likely. After that Psychology and Sociology. Maybe after all of that schooling I’ll be ready to be a sensei myself.

The Earth Dragon in me is giving me knowing eyes. I think there is something there in that realization. I knew when I walked into the dojo that morning back in January that aikido was going to be a very large part of my life. I think I’m only now grasping just how big it could be.

I left the dojo so I could be at work on time, only to find out that I didn’t have to be here for lab. Which I was totally ok with because that meant I got to put in more time on my homework.

I talked to Ashley earlier. I’m allowed to start painting the room, but they haven’t cleared out any of Warren’s stuff, so I’ll need to do that before I can do anything else. Blah…

I talked to Sam and Tim, and they said they could help me move everything. Which would be great. Not sure when that’s going to happen. I’m going to have to see if I have enough money to get a UHaul for the furniture I want to get rid of. There’s the possibility that Joshua will let me leave the stuff I don’t want in the room until the end of the lease. He and Susan are going to be staying until the end of May. I suppose that’s something I can ask him about. It would be nice if I could do that. It would make it a bit easier.

Right now I’m writing this up before heading home to stitch. I want to get a bit done before calling it a night. But for the most part, today is done.


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