Musing Moments 0019: 30 Day Challenge – Day 10


One more light day before the challenge picks back up with the deep stuff.

Today we’re supposed to rewrite our goal list, without looking at the one we made the previous week, then figure out a push goal based on our new list. The idea behind rewriting goals is that life changes. Our priorities shift, things happen, and what’s important one day may not be what’s important a week later.

Also, as people progress through he challenge they become more aware of themselves, their priorities, and how some of their original goals may not line up with what they really want.

So there’s actually a lot of benefit for creating the list over again.

I, personally, am going to skip this part of the challenge. I like the goal list I have. I like the over arching goals I am working towards, and I do no feel the need to rewrite my list.

I have a slightly different approach to my goals than the one Chalene is trying to teach. It is another point where my way differs slightly, and I’m ok with that. Find what works for you and go for it. There’s no ‘right’ way.

Since my way works for me, I’m going to keep doing my modified version. I’m going to stick to my original battle plan because I like the strategy I laid out in it.

The only other thing to do today is to create our to-do list.

Tomorrow is where it will get interesting for me. It will be the start of using my updated OmniFocus for task tracking. We’ll see how my new system fairs through the week. I’m looking forward to seeing how much I get done. : )

30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson


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