Daily Post 0083: A Day of Therapy


My hands, feet, forearms, legs, and I’m sure parts of my face, are splattered with paint. While the walls may have won some strategic battles, I assure you, they lost the war.

Today was a really nice day.

I woke up and started the day off with writing and coffee. I went to the bank and got the rent money for Joshua, and gas for my car. I packed most of the stuff in my bathroom up along with the things in my closet and on my bookshelf while I cooked a package of bacon.

I’m going to try seeing how bacon does with being reheated in the mornings. Most of the time I don’t want to wait for the bacon to cook to have it with my eggs. So hopefully reheated bacon isn’t lame, and I can have it with my breakfast through the week.

Sam came over around one so we could put more stuff in her car and head over to the new room. We were able to toss the couch, which is fantastic, along with a bunch of other junk that was left in the room.

Once everything was cleared out I took Sam to lunch as a way to say thank you for the help. We chatted for a bit, catching up with each other. She has a new job, which is great. I knew she had been going to interviews, but that was all I knew. I’m glad things are working out for her.

After lunch I went to Home Depot where I got paint and painting supplies. I went back to the new room and lost myself in music for the next three hours. It was basically my therapy for dealing with the events of this past week.

Tomorrow I will be doing a second coat.

I was originally going to go with a granite color, but seeing the room empty I changed my mind, figuring it would make the room too dark. I instead went with Silhouette as my base color. So currently all of the room is purple.

I plan to cut a band around the center of the room with a light blue color, which will have a white trim cutting the blue into tiles along the wall. In the tiles I’m going to take a sharpie and write all of the quotes and inspirational messages I constantly turn to when I need strength.

It’s not going to be done tomorrow, or next week. It’s most likely going to take a while to get 100% complete. But the main thing will be done tomorrow. The base color. And I’m so incredibly happy with how it looks so far.

Maybe I’ll take a picture of it.

Sometimes a canvas isn’t enough to get all of the emotions out. Sometimes you need a whole room.


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