Musing Moments 0024: 30 Day Challenge – Day 15


This day super, uber helped me once I finally got to it.

It’s about learning how to say that awful ‘n’ word. You know which one. The one society taught us was bad. Only selfish people say this word…


Most of us dread saying that word.

“Hey, would you mind helping me out with [insert task here].”

“We’re all going to be to [blank]. Come with us!”

It can be especially hard when you know the person. We don’t like letting people down, and when we have to give a ‘negative’ response we normally cringe on the inside and beat ourselves up for it.

But sometimes we really don’t want to do something. Why do we have to feel bad about that? How can we say, “No,” and still be a good person? Is that even possible?

For a really long time I didn’t think it was. I would accept any project someone asked me to help with because I was so terrified of hurting the other person’s feelings or letting them down. As a result I was constantly busy with projects I didn’t really care about. I was doing tons of stuff and getting no fulfillment out of any of it.

All of that changed when I heard Chalene’s silly little phrase.

“Let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you.”

How had I not thought of something like that?… Seriously. I sat at my computer after watching the video and wondered how I had been allowed to graduate high school with how simple and easy her solution was.

All joking aside though, it legitimately helped me get my life back under control. With this simple phrase I now had a way to get the time I need to analyze the repercussions of agreeing to something. I no longer stretched myself too thin. I no longer made knee-jerk obligations.

At first it wasn’t easy, but I’ve been at it for about a year and a half now. It really was one of the best things I took away from the third time I did this challenge.

Try it out for yourself.

“Let me check my schedule and I’ll get back to you.”

30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson


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