Musing Moments 0026: 30 Day Challenge – Day 17


My mom is a pretty awesome and fantastic person, and she’s taught me a metric crap ton of stuff, including how to reverse engineer goals.

Since that’s what day 17 focuses on, I didn’t get much out of it when I first got to this day, and I still sort of don’t.

It’s like being told to do something you already do.

“K… I’m going to keep on keeping on… thanks for interrupting my groove… “

I understand that this is an issue for most people though. I see it with my students, with friends, coworkers, even with some of my family members.

*cough like my younger brother who never listened to mom’s sagely advice cough*

Pardon me. Seems like my fingers had a fit.

Anyway, reverse engineering goals is actually pretty fun and extremely helpful.

You have this idea, this goal, some uber amazing project, and it’s going to be great once you get it completed. But where do you start? It’s so big, so daunting when you step back and look at it as a whole. How are you ever going to get it ALL of that completed?

That’s when the feelings of intimidation start, and that little evil voice in our head’s pops up and starts talking smack about how we can’t do it, it will never come about right, and blah, blah, blah, nag, nag, nag… *downward spiral of doom*

Reverse engineering helps with that. It gives us the blue prints to turn our goals and ideas into actionable tasks that will move us forward, one step at a time, towards the summit of our Mt. Everest.

It’s not too much, we just need a map. A battle plan.

So today, we’re supposed to take our push goal and really break it down. Brain storm about all the things that you may need or want to do with it.

Ask yourself questions. What needs to be done? How is it going to get done? Is there anything you need to buy? Anything you need to ask about? Do other people need to get involved?

Are there any major tasks that can be labeled as “mile stone” tasks?

A lot of my goals can be broken into steps or chunks, so when I reach a certain task I know I am a certain percentage through my project. It allows me to feel accomplished and to be happy with my effort even if I’m not completely done with the project yet.

Depending on the scope of the project I may even celebrate reaching a mile stone. It helps keep me motivated.

Since my push goals are “Complete one personal career project each week,” and, “Complete one craft project each month,” I have broken my two current projects down.

* Indicates mile stones

 Career Project of the Week:

* Record Curves Tool podcast sections (8 total)
Edit Curves Tool podcast in Screenflow
Post Curves Tool podcast online


* Post Curves Tool package to Creative Crash
Update website with Curves Tool content
Message Lester about Curves Tool release
* Task complete

Craft Project of the Month:

* Create pattern in MacStitch
Prep fabric / threads
Stitch design
* Wash and mount finished design
Scan finished project

Email Carol image
Post image online


Place image in Dropbox folder
* Task complete

Seems easy enough, just have to actually do those steps now.

Admittedly these are smaller projects, but the concept is the same for bigger tasks. Think about all the steps you have to take. Write them all down, regardless of the order. Think of it as brain storming.

Get the ideas out, then we can figure out where the best place to start is.

30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson


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