Musing Moments 0028: 30 Day Challenge – Day 18


The challenge is almost done. Day 18 already… Wasn’t it just yesterday I was mapping out my key priorities?

Well, today is about building confidence. Chalene really encourages participates to go out and DO things today. She explains it extremely well by saying that it’s like riding a bike.

At first we’re scared. We’ve never done it before. We worry about messing up, and falling off. But after that first ride, we’re more ok with the action. We’re more confident in ourselves because we did something and it didn’t kill us. We survived, so we should survive the next time.

Doing built confidence. Action did it.

Confidence isn’t something that we’re born with. It’s not something you buy or wear. It’s a skill, just like communication. It’s something that can be practiced and developed. It’s something we learn.

This challenge is all about doing stuff. Taking action and moving forward on goals that we’ve convinced ourselves we can’t reach. So the homework today is to list at least three things we have accomplished so far during this challenge which boosted our confidence.

Incorporated Google Hangouts
into PCC Critiques

I have been meaning to do this for almost a year now, but I always kept putting it off. I never had someone to help me test it out. I didn’t know if it would work, or what issues there may be. It was easier to always push it back and not work on it, to not figure it out. I constantly moved it to Tomorrow’s to-do list, a reminder that there was a monster I wasn’t facing, letting it lurk in my mind and take my energy.

No longer. While there are a few issues we still have to work out, the idea behind the Hangouts works extremely well and there has been lots of positive feedback. Completing this task was a reminder to, as Nike says, “Just do it.”

Completing the Curves Tool Revamp

I know I am not the best CG artist out there. I know I’m not the best setup artist, or the best scripter. So there’s always a bit of fear when I work on a project. How is it going to be received by the community? Am I going to get called out for doing something silly? Will they like my stuff?

This fear can make it hard to complete my projects. If they aren’t completed I don’t have to show or share my work, so I avoid rejection.

I do good work, though. I know I do. I gain amazing feedback each time I post a script online, and I grow and develop in amazing, unsuspected ways each time I push my content.

Completing my projects all the way solidifies the fact that I know how to take my goals, break them down, and reach them. It proves to myself that I know what I’m doing, and that I can do it.

Completing the Digital Painting Assignments

This isn’t really associated with any of my goals, but it did give me a huge boost in confidence. Again, I might not be the best, but I was so happy with how my ‘Strong’ IF Challenge assignment was going. I never thought I would be able to draw or make anything interesting in Photoshop. Not from scratch like that.

It gave me confidence as an artist to see something that was in my head coming to life on the screen. It made me feel like I can do this, because I’m sitting here doing it.

30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson


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