Musing Moments 0029: 30 Day Challenge – Day 19


Sometimes when we set goals, we don’t really set ‘goals’.

I want to be more organized. I want to be better at [insert task here]. I want to lose weight. I want to be healthier.

Those aren’t really goals. There’s nothing in those statements to let us know when we have, or have not, reached our desired result. They’re just nebulas statements.

A goal is really something that you can measure. It is quantifiable. Someone on the outside should be able to look at your ‘goal statement’ and know if you have reached it or not.

Nebulous Goal: I want my business to do better.

Clear Goal: My business has earned $XXXXX by the end of the year.

Well… by the end of the year we’ll know how close you came to that goal. There is a direct way for us to know if that mark was reached or not. We even have a time frame for when to expect results.

That is a solid, clear goal.

Sometimes when we write down goals we’re actually writing down skills, like with the statement, “I want to be more organized.”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be more organized, or to do something better. But those are skills. Being organized is a way of behaving, and interacting in the world around you. Same with “I want to be healthier”.

Cool. That’s totally an honorable ambition.

It’s not a goal, though.

Clear Goal: I have gone to the gym X times a week.

Clear Goal: I have de-cluttered one room in my house each week.

Those are actions which can be done, and there are things which will clearly let anyone know if you have reached the end result or not.

Goals can be measured. Skills are things that help you reach your goals.

So if you goal is to de-clutter your house, maybe you need to research into different methods of de-cluttering, or organizational systems for your office space. Things that will help you be ‘more organized’ but move your towards your goal of ‘de-clutter the house’.

It’s a tricky topic, and sometimes it takes a bit of practice to know when you’re listing a skill verses listing an actual goal. That’s what Day 19 is about though.

Today is another day for rewriting our goals. We’ve done this twice already, so we should be a bit more comfortable with this process. Really pay attention to what your writing this time. Are any of those goals actually skills? Are all of your goals measurable? Do any of your goals dishonor your key priority?

Once we have our new goal list we’re supposed to list our ‘Push Goal’ and how it will help get us to our remaining goals.

Since I’m still liking the course I’m on, I will again choose not to rewrite my goals and to keep on keepin’ on.

Push Goals

Complete one personal, career related project each week.
Complete on craft project each month.

Both of these goals will help in generating extra revenue which ultimately will help knock out at least 10 other goals, with the main domino being “Pay off all consumer debt’’.

In-depth explanation here. : D

30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson


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